Why Choose YTE Events for Your Next Bubble Show?

Amaze your audience with an awe-inspiring bubble show performed by YTE Events and Balloon Decor’s talented bubble artists. Perfect for family events, corporate gatherings, and special occasions, our bubble shows are designed to engage audiences of all ages. With customizable options and a focus on interactivity, we deliver an entertainment experience in Tampa that is both unique and unforgettable.

Features of Our Bubble Shows

  1. Spectacular Visuals: Witness giant bubbles, smoke-filled bubbles, and even people inside bubbles.
  2. Interactive Experience: Our shows aren’t just to watch; they’re to participate in. Audience members may be invited to become a part of the act.
  3. Educational Angle: Learn the science behind bubbles in an engaging manner, making it perfect for school events and educational programs.

Customizable Packages

  1. Event-Specific Adaptation: From birthday parties to corporate events, we tailor our bubble shows to fit the theme and audience.
  2. Duration Flexibility: Choose from 15-minute acts to hour-long extravaganzas based on your event schedule.
  3. Additional Entertainment: Pair the bubble show with magicians, musicians, or other entertainers for a full event package.

Professionalism and Safety

  1. Qualified Artists: Our bubble performers are experienced professionals committed to delivering a high-quality show.
  2. Safety Measures: All our bubble solutions are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, ensuring a safe experience for all.

Notable Events

  • Corporate Family Day, Tampa: Integrated branding into a bubble show, delighting both adults and children alike.
  • Community Fair: An interactive bubble zone where children could create their own bubble art.
  • Educational Workshop: A bubble science session that made learning fun and interactive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you perform indoor and outdoor shows?

Yes, our bubble shows are adaptable to both indoor and outdoor venues.

Do you offer bubble shows for adults?

Absolutely, the visual spectacle can be tailored to captivate an adult audience, making it ideal for corporate events and parties.

How soon should I book a bubble show in Tampa?

These shows are extremely popular. So, please book as soon as possible. There are some dates that are booked out 2 and 3 years in advance, but most dates booked are 3-6 months. We do have other artists we can bring from other cities, but it also takes time and can require additional budget.


“The bubble show was a hit! The kids were fascinated, and even the adults couldn’t stop talking about it.”
—Sandra P., Event Planner

“YTE Events added a magical touch to our corporate event. The bubble show was a delightful surprise for our employees.”
—David L., Corporate Event Organizer

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Captivate your audience with a bubble show that transcends ordinary entertainment. Contact YTE Events and Balloon Decor to make your Tampa event a resounding success.

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