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Welcome to the exhilarating world of foam parties, where every party morphs into a bubble bonanza. Whether celebrating birthday parties in your backyard or adding a foam festival vibe to larger events, our foam machine technology is here to elevate the merriment.

Dive into a frothy affair as our foam cannon transforms your venue into a bubbly utopia. From intimate birthday bashes to grand festivals, the allure of foam is undeniable.

Our foam parties are not just events; they’re a spectacle where every bubble holds a promise of joy and every burst of foam from the machine echoes with laughter.

Why Choose Foam Happy?

Event Magnet Foam Party Icon

Event Magnet:

Organizing an event? Foam Happy guarantees to captivate your audience and create a buzz. After all, who doesn’t love to play with bubbles?

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Unrivaled Entertainment:

Themed foam parties create a festive atmosphere on any celebration. We’ve leveled up the fun with music too!

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Picture-Perfect Moments:

Snap epic photos and create unforgettable memories. Your social media feed will be overflowing!

What does a foam party cost?

Suds n’ Splash (1 hour)

This package brings the best value for your money. An hour of foam, music, and toys! A foamy dance party!

  • 60 minutes of Foam Cannon
  • Sound System for Music
  • Beach Balls
  • Add more time for $200/hour


Bubble Bonanza (2 hours)

Bring in the ultimate foam party with two hours of crazy foam fun! Foam dance party with toys and longer cannon time!

  • 120 minutes of Foam Cannon
  • Sound System for Music
  • Beach Balls
  • Add more time for $200/hour


The Foam Party Machine Rental

  • Covers up to 30×30 feet
  • Five feet high foam in minutes
  • Shoots foam up to 20 feet high

Things we need to make this party a blast!

everything you need to run a  foam event includes electricity icon


(within 50 feet)

Icon to show water needed for foam party setup

Water Supply

(a water hose is best)

playground area icon to show area needed for foam party

20’x20′ Space

(to allow maximum fun)

Party host supervisor for kids party icon

Adult Supervision

(for kiddie parties)

kids foam party atmosphere icon image with toddlers and kids

Bubble Away
Your Stress:

Let your worries dissolve in a sea of foam! Our carefree and playful environment will have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Safe and clean hypo-allergenic gel solution icon for safety

Safe & Effortless:

Our hypoallergenic foam and professional staff ensure a hassle-free experience. We’ve got you covered, so you can just splash up the fun.

Get ready to lather up some excitement with Foam Happy!

School Foam Party or Summer Camp Foam Party image with children playing in the foam and enjoying themselves outside with bubbles and foam party experience.

The Best Foam Party for Kids!

Hype up summer camps, school and community events, private home parties, and more with a foam zone that’s a guaranteed hit

Booking Our Foam Cannon Is Easy! Here’s How!

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Step 1

Choose Your Date

Adding to your foam party with entertainment and theme icon

Step 2

Add to your theme

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Step 3

It’s a Foam Party!

Awesome Foam Pictures

Let’s look at some past parties and events where we had the best time ever! Foam parties are the perfect way to accommodate a large number of people or a large area for an event.

Glowing Praises from Our Happy Clients

Samantha R.

“YTE Events truly outdid themselves with their themed foam party! The costumed entertainers were incredibly talented. Our guests couldn’t stop talking about the amazing experience they had, and the photos we captured are absolutely priceless.”

Rachel P.

“I recently attended a superhero-themed foam party and I was blown away by YTE Events’ creativity and attention to detail. The entertainers were dressed in fantastic costumes and engaged with the crowd. The foam added an extra layer of excitement! I can’t wait to host my own foam party!”

Jessica L.

“YTE Events’ themed foam party was the highlight of our summer! The underwater adventure theme was executed perfectly, with amazing costumes, decorations, and even themed music. Everyone left with a smile on their face. Thank you, YTE Events, for a phenomenal party experience!”

Karen S.

“I was absolutely thrilled with the fairy-themed foam party that YTE Events put together for my daughter’s birthday. The entertainers, dressed as fairies, captivated the kids and adults alike. Our guests are still raving about the fantastic time they had, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. YTE Events, you’ve made a lifelong customer out of me!”

Nighttime Glow Foam Party

Our foam parties aren’t just for sun-soaked daytime fun; they also bring bubbly excitement to the night! Dance, play, and dive into a frothy world of fun as you create unforgettable nightlife memories. Embrace the foam and let the good times roll!

Nighttime Glow Foam Party

  • 60 minutes of Foam Cannon
  • Sound System for Music
  • Beach Balls and Games
  • Party Lights and Laser Lights
  • Fog Machine

Extend your foam party for $250 more per hour added.


Foam Birthday Party for Kids

Hosting a foam party with Foam Happy is a surefire way to make kids’ birthday celebrations memorable and exhilarating. Our high-powered foam cannon swiftly transforms backyards into bubbly playgrounds, creating a safe and hypo-allergenic environment for youngsters to enjoy. Our foam machine expertly mixes foam solution with water, generating heaps of non-toxic foam for hours of fun. Booking with Foam Happy is seamless, with diverse packages on offer to meet varying needs and budgets.

As day transitions into night, the foam party can morph into a glow party. With glow sticks lighting the way and a DJ keeping the beats going, the dance floor becomes a radiant hub of excitement. Foam Happy is adaptable, offering party solutions for outdoor spaces like backyards and driveways, as well as indoor venues with sufficient space.

Get your party planning underway effortlessly with Foam Happy. Reach out to us through YTE Events and Balloon Decor at 813-310-5900 for booking and inquiries. Our team is ready to assist, ensuring a smooth booking process and an unforgettable foam party experience for your kid’s birthday celebration. For additional details or common queries, the frequently asked section on our website is a helpful resource. Choose Foam Happy for an epic foam party that will have the little ones reveling in delight.

Foam Party Rental | Tampa, Florida

Are you searching for a unique and exciting way to make your next event unforgettable? Foam parties in Tampa, Florida have become the latest trend, offering heaps of bubbly fun for kids and adults alike.

What is a Foam Party Rental?

A Foam Party Rental is a service that provides everything you need for a foam-filled party experience, including a foam machine, music, and games.

Includes foam machine, music, and games

Choosing a Foam Party Rental with Foam Happy in Tampa, Florida promises an exhilarating experience. It packs a perfect blend of fun activities that are sure to leave your guests thrilled. Inclusive in the package:

  • A top-quality foam machine: This generates plenty of bubbles to transform your party space into a delightful and exciting foam zone.
  • Enthralling music: Music sets the tone for any party. Our DJ ensures that your guests groove to some infectious beats, making your party truly epic.
  • Exciting games: An assortment of games adds an extra layer of fun to your party. Whether it’s toddlers or teenagers, our games cater to everyone’s entertainment needs.

Perfect for birthdays, graduations, daycares, and more

Foam parties are a hit at birthday celebrations, making every child feel special on their big day. With the use of foam cannons and machines, your backyard transforms into a bubbly festival.

The excitement doubles when glow sticks come into play, creating an epic glowing foam party experience that kids and adults alike can enjoy.

Turning your graduation ceremony from ordinary to extraordinary is easy with foam machine rentals. It adds an element of fun interaction among peers while they celebrate their achievements.

Similarly, daycares often employ such unique experiences for children to stimulate active participation in group activities. A safe and non-toxic hypo-allergenic foam solution ensures that even toddlers can partake in this joyous carnival-like atmosphere without any worries.

Benefits of a Foam Party Rental

A foam party rental offers a memorable and fun experience for all participants. It is an affordable option that provides safe and clean foam for hours of entertainment.

Memorable and fun experience

Foam parties transform ordinary celebrations into unforgettable experiences. The sight of a garden, backyard, or any other outdoor space filled with bubbly foam amps up the fun level instantly.

Dancing and playing games in cascades of soft bubbles creates unique memories that guests carry with them long after the party ends. Youngsters revel in this kind of interactive play, making it ideal for children’s birthdays while adults find it refreshingly whimsical as well.

Whether it’s basking under a foam waterfall or using the bubbles to add an element of surprise during dance-offs, every moment counts in these levity-filled events!

Affordable option for all families

Our foam party rental is an affordable option that all families can enjoy. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to create fun and memorable experiences without breaking the bank.

With our competitive pricing and customizable packages, you can choose what works best for your budget. Don’t let cost limit your party options – we’re here to provide you with an amazing foam party experience that won’t break the bank!

Safe and clean foam

Our foam parties prioritize the safety and well-being of all participants, which is why we use only safe and clean foam. Our foam solution is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the party without any worries.

We take pride in providing a quality foam experience that is free of charge hazards, so you can have peace of mind while your guests have a blast. Whether it’s a birthday party or a graduation celebration, our foam parties guarantee a fun-filled event with safe and clean foam for everyone to enjoy!

How to Book a Foam Party Rental

To book a foam party rental, simply choose from various packages or create your own custom party experience. Make sure to check what is included in the rental package and ensure you have the necessary requirements such as power, water, and outdoor space.

Choose from various packages or create a custom party

Select the perfect package for your foam party rental or create a customized party experience tailored to your preferences. With a range of packages available, you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Whether you’re looking for a small gathering or a big celebration, we have options to accommodate groups of any size. Create unforgettable memories with our foam party rentals and make your event truly unique.

What is included in the rental package

The rental package for a foam party includes:

  • A high – quality foam machine that produces a thick and consistent foam
  • Fun music to create an energetic atmosphere
  • Exciting games and activities to keep everyone entertained
  • Set up and delivery of all equipment
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the foam machine

Necessary requirements such as power, water, and outdoor space

To book a foam party rental, there are a few necessary requirements that need to be considered:

  • Adequate power source for the foam machine
  • Access to water for the foam solution
  • Outdoor space large enough to accommodate the party setup

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