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Princess Meet and Greet

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When you want a party that can make your dreams come true, a princess is sure to lead your guests on a magical event experience. With our highly professional, family-friendly entertainers you are sure to have an event of a lifetime.

What happens at a princess party?
When our royal guest arrives, the entire party becomes elevated in the presence of royalty. Your guest of honor receives a special introduction and our fairy tale princess makes sure that everyone knows that she attended for their special day. The princess is also able to attend the party and take part in all the activities the other guests do. They are truly a guest at your event. (Though our princesses make a habit of denying food to protect their amazing figure, they are often willing to help serve the other guests!)

Who is your favorite princess? 
Here we do our best to get your favorite princess to attend your party and to create magical moments for your little one. All the classic fairy tale princesses can be available for your party and to help make your child’s day extra special. Arriving in her signature gown, our princesses is sure to turn heads, big and small. She will create the authentic princess party you have always dreamed of!

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Our professional princesses have trained professionally as princesses and have worked in the US, Canada, London, Spain, and a number of other countries in Europe. Some have also performed on cruise ships, specializing in Meet and Greet sessions where they interacted with children and guests of all ages. Our princesses are appropriate for photo opportunities, interactive games, story time and more!