Partying with Princesses

So you’ve invited a real-life Fairytale Princess to your birthday party or event and now you wonder… What’s next? Of course it all depends on who you’ve invited! Every Princess has her own personality and history, and every one acts different because every Princess is absolutely real, but there are certain things that every Princess will do when invited to an event as important as yours.

Before your princess arrives

First, you should receive a telephone call from your guest two to three days before the party, time permitting. In this call she will verify your castle address, the name of your guest of honor and any details given in the invitation, such as games or special surprises. If there are any specific directions to be given, such as a dragon guarding the gate or a special pass code to be entered, please relay them here.

Royal Arrival

On the day of your princess birthday party or event, your Princess will arrive in her royal carriage 15 minutes early; pass by your castle to make sure it is the correct one and park somewhere out of sight – just in case little eyes may be spying. The Princess will then call to let you know she has arrived and make sure everything is as-planned. If there is no place within walking distance with reasonable cover, or if the party guest are playing outside, your princess may call request that the guests be brought inside so that they do not see the approach – it spoils the magic to see Sleeping Beauty walking up the sidewalk. All princesses arrive in full costume, so there is no need to arrange a place to change, but a Princess can arrive in disguise and change on-site if requested.

Fairytale Entrance

Now comes the most fun part, the entrance! The best smiles come from your little princess answering an unexpected knock on the door to find Rapunzel or their favorite Princess standing at the door waiting for them. For birthday parties, it can be arranged for your little one to receive a small gift from your Princess Guest, usually a tiara. Little girls usually wish to spend a few moments speaking with the Princess, and the Princess takes this time to learn everyone’s names and faces before the fun begins.

Princess Playtime

Rapunzel princess at event with kids Then it is time to play! Princesses may live in a castle and have many royal duties, but they also love to have fun.  Some party games are simply unsuitable for those wearing ball gowns and tiaras, but there are many activities that your Princess can participate in or officiate if the circumstances allow. These include games such as pin-the-tiara-on-the-Princess, musical chairs, limbo, red-light/green-light, tea parties, small crafts and of course dancing (Music is usually provided by the host). The Littlest Mermaid loves to sing, and Rapunzel is more than happy to help with art projects. Enchanted Rose is a great fan of reading stories, and Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella love to dance. Each princess of course has their own limitations, for example: Cinderella cannot run because her glass slippers will break. Large ball gowns and tiaras generally prevent Princesses from being an active participant in highly physical games such as limbo or bouncy castles, but they are more than happy to hold the limbo stick.

Of course every princess is fully prepared to provide entertainment without game pieces such as craft supplies or bean bags to toss. Some quieter activities include story time, where your Princess will bring out her big book of stories and let the guest of honor choose which one is to be read. With small groups, each party guest can have a turn at turning the pages of the storybook. The Wishing Circle is a lovely activity for young girls as well. Each young lady is asked what their biggest wish is, and if glitter or bubbles are provided, they can make wishes on “wishing dust.”  The Princess Training test is also a popular game, where your guest Princess will teach the young ladies how to be a proper princess – with a test at the end! Every participant is guaranteed to pass and receive their title of “Official Princess” from the visiting royalty.

Princess Photos and Goodbyes

Even the most magical of moments must come to an end sometime, however. After the photos and goodbyes, it comes time for your Princess to ride back to her castle. This is usually a good time to serve the cake, as the younger guests will be too busy with the confectionery to notice the Princess’ final exit, and it removes any chance of frosting getting on her ball gown.  At this time, any outstanding fees to the royal castle may be paid and any tips delivered to your entertainers.  Playing games, dancing, singing, and entertaining in a ball gown and tiara is of course a challenge, but one that every Princess is happy to perform with a smile and a curtsy.

After your party has ended, please contact the royal castle of YTE to let them know how your party went! Princesses love to hear how much they made your guest smile, and the castle court loves to hear it as well. Your responses may be posted on the website, with your permission.

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