Princess Party Ideas

Princess Tiana with Frog

To add a touch of magic to your young princess’ birthday, you should throw a Princess-themed party! Since princess parties are such a timeless classic, use some of the tips below to make your party unforgettable to both kids and moms alike. Depending on how crafty you are and how far ahead of time you plan things, a princess party fit for a story book can be executed on a budget so that you can keep some of your kingdom’s treasure for yourself.

Royal Princess Invitations

A rolled scroll tied with ribbon or a letter sealed with wax is the classic method by which to invite guests to your royal celebration. Open the letter as it would be read by the town crier, with a call of “Hear ye, hear ye! All lords and ladies of the Kingdom are invited to attend a celebration of” your princess’s name and birth year. You can also stamp or stencil a crown onto it to increase the sense of authenticity of your royal decree.

Princesses Entertainment

To be the envy of the court, hire a Party Princess as an entertainer and guest at your party. Professional Princesses are always well-versed in manners and etiquette, and can entertain the birthday girl and other guests with various party games and other activities. Guests will love hearing the Princess tell stories of how they became a princess, or of their adventures with their loyal subjects!


Generally speaking, princess parties tend to favor the color pink. That being said, there is still a lot of room to work with in regards to decorations with regards to shape and texture. For example, behind the snack table, you can hang ruffled tissue paper streamers in alternating shades of pink, or other royal colors like purple and white. If you use three colors, it will help to avoid the candy-stripe appearance that alternating two will give. Be sure to include lots of ruffles, as it will mimic the ruffles on a princess’ dress. Stencils can be applied to plates with powdered sugar for dark plates or cinnamon for light ones to monogram or add hearts or crowns or whatever graphic fi
ts your theme to make table settings a little more classy.

Games fit for a Princess

“Kiss the Frog” can be played similarly to “pin the tail on the donkey” but using tacks pushed through lip marks and on a board that has a large frog or many small ones printed on it, depending on the desired difficulty. You can play “find the glass slipper” and give out winds or tiaras as prizes, slay a piñata dragon, or bob for “poison” apples that have gummy worms inserted into them.

Refreshments and Treats

Afternoon tea can refresh even the most weary Sleeping Beauty. As you may not want to serve your children traditional tea, many fruit-flavored teas are available caffeine free. You can also always serve regular drinks such as pink lemonade out of teapots, if you prefer. Sets of 6 tea cups are available at many stores like Wal-mart and Target for 20$, which ends up being just over 3$ per cup. If you have younger kids, you can easily substitute plastic teacups or plastic teacup sip cups.

Typical afternoon tea is served with sandwiches and cakes, so make some that fit the theme of the party and serve in a multi-tiered serving tray. Some other sweets such as cheesecake stuffed strawberries and mini raspberry tarts can help to satisfy the sweet tooth until the birthday cake is brought out.

Princess Party Favors

Bubbles, chocolate hearts, and glass slippers. Either fill a bag or pick a single item depending on your budget, but the go to items are plastic tiaras, wands, flowers, and other girly things. You may also have the girls create their own tiaras or wands to take with them as well.

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