Party Ideas: Superhero

Any upstanding citizen wants to do his part to help fight crime, and with the recent rise in the popularity of superhero films, heroes both young and old are rising to the occasion. A superhero themed party is the perfect occasion to unite a league against the forces of evil and have tons of fun in the process. Besides teaching young heroes in training the value of upholding truth and justice, dressing up like a superhero and foiling the plots of the bad guys is known across the universe to be more fun than a party thrown by Bruce Wayne or Lamont Cranston.

Superhero Invitations

Your choice of invitation will greatly depend on the overall theme of the party. For example, a batman party could have an invitation printed on card stock which resembles the bat-signal, or the letters for the invitation could be cut out if you are extremely patient. This would allow the recipient to shine a flashlight through them onto a wall to decode the message contained therein without getting as cryptic as including a secret decoder ring. Just use your imagination and do your research on the characters you wish to portray! You may also want to write the invitation from the perspective of the villain so as to trap the superhero, especially if you decide to hire a Professional Superhero Cos-Player or Impersonator, who would then have to enlist the aid of the guests to escape the clutches of the villainous plot and save the day.

Superhero Party Costumes for Caped Crusaders

If you are crafty, you can obtain some fabric and art supplies to make masks and capes for the young champions of virtue and protectors of the innocent. While there are a number of patterns available for capes online, a simple no-sew cape can be made by cutting the general cape outline with a hole for the head to go through, eliminating the need for any sort of broach or clasp to close it. Masks can be bought for cheap at party supply stores, but your young heros might enjoy making their own from scratch with Paper-mâché made from strips of printer or construction paper soaked in water and flour. These can be dried rapidly with a hair drier, hung out in the sun on a warm summer day, or baked on low temperature in an oven. Once they are dry, use glue, acrylic or watercolor paints (be certain they are non-toxic!), glitter, markers, or any other art supplies to decorate to suit their crime-fighting persona.

Decorations and photo opportunities

If your party has a back-story, try to accommodate that atmosphere. Superman, for example, resides in a crystal palace which he calls the “fortress of solitude,” so you could use some butcher paper, wiring, and spray adhesive to make some giant crystal spires. If your heroes are dealing with trouble at Arkham Asylum and you have a higher budget, you may want some gurneys around as buffet tables and straight jackets waiting for unwary caterers or guests who have sampled the special adult beverages mixed by the Scarecrow. If you want to be more plain Jane, the Daily Gazette simply has some photos of Spider-Man on the walls, desks with notepads and typewriters, and an ornery editor who doubts the luck of a young photojournalist. Would it not be nice to disprove his suspicions with a photo of Parker and Spider-Man arm in arm? If the party is for younger heroes, a fantastic photo opportunity is to put down a blanket with clouds and skyscrapers either made out of stuffed fabric or drawn on with paint or markers. If you have the young crime fighters pose as if they are flying over the city and take a photo with the blanket on the ground with the camera directly above, it will give the appearance of your young crime fighters having supernatural powers!

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