Spiderman balloon decor for 5th birthday party

Every little kid dreams of being a superhero, so it’s no surprise that so many birthday parties are superhero-themed. Every party store is loaded with Batman, Spiderman, and Ninja Turtle party supplies—but it’s super easy to create a unique superhero themed kids party without breaking the bank!

You’ll be the most popular Super Mom or Super Dad after hosting a superhero party that YOU created. Team up with YTE events as we inspire you with our super-powered party-planning solutions! Check out some of the superhero birthday party ideas below.

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Super Delicious Superhero Birthday Ideas for Food

Pizza: Kowabunga dude! Pizza always pleases the pickiest of eaters, and is one of the most convenient methods of feeding an army of super kids. Not to mention, pizza is what gives the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles their power—every intrepid superhero knows that!

Comic Cupcakes: These sweet hand-held treats will boost any young hero’s energy levels. Decorate your cupcakes with fun comic-book sounds like

If you want to go all out, you can even check out The Real Stan Lee’s comic book catch phrases article for more ideas.

If you have super artistic skills, decorate the tops of the cupcakes with Superhero logos like Spiderman’s spider, Batman’s bat, Flash’s lightning bolt, or a Ninja Turtle facemask.

Rock Candy Kryptonite: Superman’s arch nemesis, Lex Luther, approves of green Rock Candy, which looks like Kryptonite. Although Kryptonite Rock Candy weakens Superman, it will be sure to give your kiddos super speed… or a sugar rush!

Deli Platter of Superhero Birthday Sub Sandwiches: Superheroes LOVE submarine Hero sandwiches! You can pick up a platter of finger-sized subs from your closest grocery store, which will cost around $25 to $50. Watch out though—some kiddos with tricky taste buds or super throwing powers will destroy an unsupervised sandwich platter.

Super Hot Dogs: A super cheap solution for feeding a team of superheroes! Transform your average Hot Dog into a Wonder Dog at your superhero-themed birthday party.

Rope Licorice: Twizzlers is a yummy twisted licorice candy that doubles as Wonder Woman’s Rope!

Cat Burglar Bugles: These corn chip snack foods are actually Cat Woman’s claws in disguise.

Fruits and Vegetable Superhero Snacks: Kids might think you’re a Super Villain if you try to get them to eat fruits and vegetables at your super hero birthday party. BUT you can be a real-life hero by labeling healthy food with fun superhero boosts:
Builds Muscle! (broccoli)
Super Energy! (blueberries)
Improves Elasticity! (grapes)
Enhances Laser Vision! (carrots)
Immortality! (spinach)

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Superhero Birthday Drinks: To give some character to your assorted drinks, attach “Invisibility Water” labels to water bottles, “Super PUNCH!” labels on Gatorade or punch boxes, or make “Hulk Juice” with green Hawaiian Punch. Additionally, you can modify 2-liter soda bottles into super hero soda!
Pepsi wrapped with Batman logo
Code Red wrapped with Spiderman logo
Blue Raspberry wrapped with Superman logo
Sprite wrapped with Hulk SMASH!

Super Fun Super Hero Activities

Balloon Guy: All young superheroes LOVE balloon animals! Especially when the balloon artist can make Superhero characters out of balloons! Some of my favorite balloon animal superhero creations are: Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Batman, Wonder Woman, Ninja Turtles, Iron Man, Captain America, and Power Rangers.

Superhero capes, swords, and shields made from balloons are also popular. Click here to hire me, Lauren the Balloon Girl from YTE Events in Tampa, for your upcoming superhero-themed birthday party!

Superhero characters: Have YTE events supply you with super hero characters that can offer great superhero party ideas for boys while they are at the party and then finish up the day with an awesome rendition of their superhero happy birthday song! They are also great at providing superhero birthday party games for the kids as well.

DIY Super Hero Masks: Every child at your party will LOVE to make their very own Superhero mask.They also make great superhero birthday party favors!

Print out and make your very own Superhero masks using printer-friendly PDF templates. Masks can be created with inexpensive Felt or Foam, and you can even cut out shapes (stars, lightning bolts, circles, hearts, etc) so the kiddos can decorate their masks alongside their fellow heroes. Tacky Glue is cheap AND works wonders!

Face painter: Worried about the kiddos making a super mess with the Create-a-Superhero-Mask project above? To save yourself time, energy, and the inevitable cleanup, hire a professional Face Painter from YTE Events! Our face painters are super awesome at painting super amazing superhero masks on any young hero. Click here for a free no-obligation quote with Tampa’s best face painters.

Super Photo Op: Snapping the perfect photo of your little hero can be a super pain in the butt sometimes. But if you create a Super Hero Photo Op backdrop, you’ll have a hard time picking your favorite picture! Using a light blue sheet or blanket, build a city atop of it using covered or painted cereal boxes as buildings, some outdoor shrubbery as trees, and then white polyester batting/stuffing for the clouds. Have your super kid lie down on the sheet and pose for an action-packed flying shot!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle balloons: Forget those expensive Mylar balloons—it’s super duper easy to make your own Ninja Turtle Balloons! You can see the full instructions here.

All you need is:
Green round balloons
Red, Blue, Purple, and Orange crepe paper
White paper (cardstock or normal printer paper)
Black Sharpie marker

Spiderman’s Web Shooters: Who knew that the Dollar Store’s Silly String collection doubles as Spiderman’s webs? Kids LOVE silly string, especially when you wrap the cans with Spiderman logos and hand each hero a can of superhero spider webs.

Check out Pinterest for for more Superhero Birthday Party Decoration Ideas!

And there you have it! This should be a super start for your superhero themed birthday! If you’re looking for additional ideas for an upcoming birthday party, sign up for YTE Event’s free birthday party guide on the blue bar at the bottom of the screen. Party on, Super Moms and Super Dads!

Want some extra incentive to get your party started? Check out this awesome video Michelle put together at an event she was at! Gotta love Superhero birthday parties!

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