When you put together a character-themed party, you should look for a skilled professional performer to put on the show. Such people know what to bring to your party to make it delightful to both the children and adults. Here are some of the exciting aspects of hiring a mascot character for a birthday party.

They Come with A Fantastic Music Playlist

Mascot characters are particularly loved because they come with music that appeals to their young audiences. On top of that, the characters sing and often dance to their awesome tunes. History shows that clowns and costume characters often got the structure of their acts from the music they played. Therefore, to make the show exciting, the mascot character will bring in the best songs that children at the party will love. It is advisable that, as the planner of the party, you provide and excellent music system so that everyone can get down when Elmo hits the music play button.

The Party Games Are Wild and Fun

Mascot character entertainers are geniuses when it comes to planning children games. As mentioned, music does form a significant portion of their shows. You can, therefore, expect music-based party games such as musical chairs, musical corners, balloon limbo, hot potato, The Freeze and Odd One Out just to mention a few. Dancing typically accompanies music. Therefore, simple dancing games such as Hokey Pokey and The Chicken Dance will keep the party turned up. Of course, this will be mixed up seamlessly with other traditional games such as The Blob and Duck Duck Goose. The games are often marked with heightened drama which keeps the party spirits flying high.

Kids Will Love the Mascot Character

Some of the best mascot party entertainers never break character unless absolutely necessary. Kids will thus end up being convinced that the Easter Bunny or Sponge Bob is at the party. The performers have mastered even the most minor spoken phrases and mannerisms that kids find entertaining about a certain character. They then capitalize on these to consistently and relentlessly entertain their audience.

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