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Juggling Entertainment

Variety Juggler and Entertainer for Events

Jugglers are notorious for fun and excitement. Their highly skilled trade took years and years of practice and guests love watching them interact with guests and show off their fun and exciting flair with various props. So, get ready to be impressed whether it be with traditional juggling clubs, balls, hats, cigar boxes, or event fire!

Many of our jugglers are talented in multiple ways. So, they may be able to entertain with other juggling partners, on stilts, walking around with interactive sets, or even with little juggling shows!

If you are looking for juggling shows, please be sure to let us know on our event request form so that we can find the best entertainer for your event. Some of our entertainers specialize in walk around while others do only shows. Finding the best entertainer is what we do best. Just let us know as many details as you can about the theme, type of event, and what you are looking for. We can help with the rest!

Are you just wanting to learn how to juggle? You can show up any time to learn from these guys too!
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Have a professional juggler come out to your event and put on a juggling show. We have ambient juggling entertainers, jugglers with complete shows, and even jugglers in between that can do a series of mini shows throughout the evening. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can find the entertainer that is perfect for your event.

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