Fire acts bring magic to any party

Many people choose fire acts to entertain their guests when they are putting on an event such as a party or corporate event. Fire performers can wow an audience in ways that many other alternatives cannot, and the spectacle of a fire performance can stick in the minds of your guests long after the event is over. There’s no real need to worry about the health and safety risks of booking fire entertainers, as the years of training that go into developing their skills means that no one should be put at risk during a performance. In any case, the performers are usually covered by public liability insurance in the rare event that something does go wrong. Fire performers can contribute vastly to the atmosphere of a party.

Universal appeal

Fire Juggling Show Tampa Florida

Fire acts can appeal to people of all ages, meaning that it’s unlikely that any of your guests will be bored whilst they showcase their skills. It’s important to discuss your requirements in

depth before you sign anything, and the more information that you give to an entertainment agency, the more accurate a quote they can give you. Fire artists will need to take time to prepare for your event beforehand, so you’ll need to ensure that they are informed about the venue itself, how many people will be there, how far they will have to travel and how long you expect them to be there for. These factors can all contribute to the price that you pay for the performance. If you’ve got a high budget, you may wish

to book a group of fire performers as opposed to a solo act. This can lead to bigger and more entertaining spectacles. Meanwhile, if your event is going to take place outside, you could even ask for a climactic series of fireworks to ensure that the occasion ends with a bang.


Exceptional standards

The special skills of fire artists take years to acquire, so if you’re hoping to treat your guests to something extraordinary, booking a fire performer could well be the perfect solution. People will be able to take photos or even film videos of the event, enabling them to relive their memories forever. If you book your entertainer through an agency, you can expect the highest standards to be at play due to the stringent standards of the companies themselves, whereas if you decide to choose a performer on an independent basis, you may not be able to assess the quality of the artist beforehand and may be taking too much of a risk.

Setting up

Once a fire performer arrives at your venue, it may take them a while to plan their performance around the space that they are given to work with. This is why it can be so important to ensure that the entertainer arrives at your location well in advance of the performance taking place. To get the best out of the performers it may be important not to distract them whilst they are setting up. In any case, if you’re hoping to provide your guests with something of an extraordinary spectacle, you may well find fire jugglers, eaters, dancers or other fire performer to provide the perfect solution.
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