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It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, kids love when there is a face painter at a party or other event. Hiring a talented face painter to transform a child’s face into an animal, super hero or simply to put a little flower or baseball on their cheek will make all the difference when planning a successful and fun party. Not only will all the children have a great time when you hire a party face painter but you will be sending each child away with a ‘momento’ of their very own that they will remember for quite some time.

Local Face Painters

When choosing local Tampa face painters you want to pick someone who has experience with the type of event you are throwing. Birthday party face painters will be experienced with kids and interact with them in a warm and comfortable way. Also you should ask to look at some photos of their previous work. With the internet available, now you can often find a lot of information and examples right in the comfort of your own home before you even contact the face painter. Be sure to ask if the photos you are looking at are indeed the face paints that they’ve done.

Things to consider when hiring a face painter

Don’t forget to not only ask about prices, but also whether or not the paint, brushes and cleanup materials will be provided by the artist or if that a separate cost for the party host? A face painter who has done a number of different parties for children as well as adults will often bring their own materials that are FDA approved and safe for the children. Be sure to watch out for face painters that use inappropriate face-paint. Just because they may be cheap face painters doesn’t mean they are safe for children. YTE events ALWAYS uses safe, professional materials when working events.

Birthday Party Face Painters

Hiring a face painter is a great way to add a unique and special activity to the next party you are throwing. Just sitting in the face painter’s chair for a few minutes during the painting process makes a child feel special. When that child looks in the mirror and smiles with delight at their painted face your party will quickly become a hit with not only all of the kids but the parents as well.

Hiring someone to face paint is a great way to make your birthday party or event way more fun!

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