We do tons of entertainment for the Tampa Bay Rays and can be seen nearly every single Sunday home game twisting balloons before and after the game. We even have had human statues, caricature artists, jugglers, hula hoop artists, and more! Recently for a Pride event, they had us make a few balloon columns for them. These over-sized 10 foot tall columns helped frame the DJ booth for DJ kitty as he performed on the field after the game. You can see how we take a photo created on the computer and turn it into real balloons to fill a space with color and fun. You can also see how we sometimes make some changes as well.

In this case, we flipped the columns upside down as we felt the darker colors looked better at the bottom. We also added another set of colors to get the full rainbow and to also give it that little bit of extra WOW that we look to provide all our clients.

Balloon Rainbow Columns for Tampa Bay Rays Sports Team Event

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