Sock Monkey 1st Birthday PartyHow to Create a Party Atmosphere

A party’s atmosphere is both important and critical. It is a special mood or character associated with a place. Being able to create great party atmospheres is in a way a form of art. It takes creativity, patience, planning, and knowing just what to use and how to use it. Everything doesn’t have to be hard or fancy either. Sometimes using simple ideas or items can make a big difference. Here are a few ideas that you can use to help create a party atmosphere at your next event.


It does not matter if you are hosting it in your basement or in a fine rental hall. Lighting is very important and an often missed item. Whether you are using candles, tiki torches, or traditional lighting, be sure to have adequate light for your guests. Too much lighting can distract from the ambiance as well. So, keep it simple and a good rule of thumb is lighting at about 60-80%.

Stringing up patio lights or paper lanterns can also add to the party’s atmosphere. There are so many styles now available and in numerous colors and patterns that a simple search online could easily keep you busy for many minutes just looking at the styles available. Some party stores even sell plastic lights that relate to different themes. So, you can have chili peppers, stars, or even hula dancers as a light source.


A party without music is missing its soul and spirit. Even simple background music is better than nothing. Of course if your party is themed then you would choose songs and music that would enhance and support your theme. If not, just think about what type of mood you are trying to create. If it is a party atmosphere, have upbeat music. If it is a relaxed atmosphere, you might have instrumental music in the background.


Don’t just serve the same old party food you serve at every party. Spruce and switch it up. Even if your party does not have a theme that does not mean your food has to follow suit. You could pick a color, a flavor, a region of the world to highlight and enjoy. A variety of snacks, main dishes, and desserts can spruce up a party in no time.


Hire entertainment that will enhance your party and help give it that extra bit of wow factor. Not only will it ensure your guests have a great time but it will be something no one will be likely to forget. Whether it be a fire show, mermaids, a balloon artist, or a face painter; make sure you add some extra magic to your event. In most cases, it is best to call an entertainment agency that is familiar with all types of entertainment and events so that they can help walk you through what would be the best fit for your event.


This is by far the most important thing to help build a good party atmosphere. Smile and bring our friendly nature out as it is very contagious. Stay calm and do not let things scare or intimidate you. If you need help doing something then grab a guest. And above all, take time to enjoy the wonderful party you are throwing. If you know you don’t do particularly well at a party, be sure to hire a party planner or event coordinator for your event so that they can help you create the party atmosphere you wish to have at your event.

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