Unique Party Themes for Birthday Parties

Superhero themed birthday party decorations Sometimes a simple theme, a piñata, and a game of pin the tail on the donkey is just not enough. Make your event stand out from the others with some unique party themes. Any one of the themes below can be used to help make your party stand out from everyone else. Though these are written for birthday parties, they can be used for any reason and for any type of party. The perfect party theme can be a way to really make your event stand out. Try one of these themes for baby showers, birthdays, or even just a gathering of friends.

Fire Dancers at a Luau

Take the luau theme to the next level by adding a fire performer to your event. You can get fire dancers to do things as simple as a small fire manipulation act or as extravagant as an hour long fire show and performance.

Candy Store

Turn your party into a Wonka Wonderland. Include a candy bar, sugar sculptures, and a cookie decorating activity for everyone to take part in. Finish off the event with everyone making goody bags to take home with their favorite sweets and candies. Don’t forget that this could also be themed with colors and a candy bar can be added to almost any themed event. A variation of this might include an ice cream bar or a cookie decoration station.

Mafia Mystery Dinner

Turn your house into a crime scene. Give each of your friends and family a role in the party as they try and discover who the true killer (or thief) is. When the party is over, have the guest of honor cuff the culprit and walk them off into “Jail” where they then have to cut the cake, deliver presents, and otherwise help the birthday child with their party. This can be combined with a casino night or a speakeasy theme as well.

Medieval Knights and Majestic Maidens

Take your guests back into the dark ages where they can eat with their hands and compete in feats of strength, wit and courage as you test their abilities with various activities. The guest of honor can be a prince or princess and can either participate or watch as their guests battle for dominance in the kingdom to see who will rule the land. For the girls, this could easily be converted to a princess tea party.

Hollywood Star Birthday Party

Bring out the red carpet and the golden statues as you enjoy the Hollywood star birthday party. Have it be a movie night or have the guests at the party create a movie. After filming, you can edit and piece together a mini movie for everyone to watch at the end of the event where everyone is a star.

Dizzy Decades Birthday Party

Have everyone come as their favorite decade and decorate your home or venue with décor from the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s. Split the party into different areas that each represents a different time period in history. There can be a Disco corner, Elvis buffet, a Madonna dance floor, and a boy band dance off.

Buffalo Bills Birthday Party Bash

Get those boots out and get ready for a rodeo, petting zoo, and a whip-cracking good time. A western theme can be fun and exciting for everyone. Get a cowboy boot western cake and some goodie bags and you’re good to go.

Costume Party

When it comes to party planning, nothing is more fun than a costume party! Include themed party games and a photo booth so that guest’s don’t forget just how awesome they were dressed. Make your themed party even more perfect by including the costumes as well.

Steampunk Party Ideas

Steampunk has become a fashionable subculture recently. Everyone seems to find the fun in combining the luxuries of modern times with the thirst for adventure from the Victorian age. Many new technologies were developed in the 19th century, there were many advances in medicine, but most of all people knew how to have a good time. So why not tip your top hats and enjoy a Steampunk party? This is a great way to style party themes for adults too. Just take your favorite setting or theme above and add a steampunk flair to it. Party goers are sure to have a blast!

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