When it comes to birthday party decorations, balloons are probably the best choice. As colorful as balloons can be, you can walk the extra mile and do something creative and beautiful with balloons. There are various ways that you can enhance your decor with enticing balloon designs.

Choose A Color Scheme for Your Decorations

The color spectrum of balloons is very diverse. A party planner must, therefore, decide whether or not to go for a full rainbow of balloon colors. Depending on the theme of your party you can choose to do two-toned balloon decoration or even go for a somber effect. Remember that with balloons, you can get almost anything including simulating hues of fire, champagne bubbles and much more. All this will be possible if you pick the right balloon color scheme.

Make A Choice Between Latex and Mylar

This will be determined by the nature of your party. Outdoor birthday parties work best when Mylar balloons are used.  Mylar balloons are tough and come in different shapes and designs as well as sayings on them. The downside is that they are sort of crinkly to touch. Some folks also find that working with Mylar balloons is rather cumbersome. Latex balloons, on the other hand, are quite versatile and easy to work with. They, however, pop easily especially in outdoor settings or with kids present.

How Many Balloons Do You Need?

Typically, the size of the venue determines the number of balloons to be used. Large locations require more balloons. Your party theme also dictates how much balloons go into the decorations. In some birthday party themes only a few balloons are needed to give the venue a nice touch. Some themes, however, require that the guests be swimming in balloons. The number of balloons consequently affects the budget. When you need a huge number of balloons, latex balloons are recommended since they are less costly. That said, a foil balloon or two can really add a nice touch.

Helium or Non-Helium Balloon

If you want to keep it simple, then helium balloons are adequate. However, to fully experience the plethora of ultimate balloon decorations, air-filled balloons will be mandatory. Party stores will gladly inflate your balloons with helium. However, no matter how pretty they may be in the store, they rarely make it to your event in as good a shape. So, if you choose helium, make sure to get your balloons from a certified balloon decor designer.

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