7 Pro Tips for Birthday Decor

simple birthday balloons decorations at home When it comes to decorating for any party or event, there are a few things that can transform a space very quickly. Here are our top suggestions for event organizers to tackle first when decorating a birthday party or special event.

  1. Table Linens at Birthday Parties –
    Though it doesn’t have to be actual linens, any table covering can help make an event look classier. A simple plastic table cloth can work, but the higher end events call for a classier look. Contacting your local rental company supply can provide you with top notch linens for your tables, chairs, or even ceiling draping.  Adding a simple runner down the center of the table can add the little bit of contrast to help take the table decorations to the next level.
  2. Decorating Birthday Walls at your Event –
    Most event spaces (even the home) have plain walls or, at the very least, stuff on the wall that doesn’t match the event theme. By covering the walls or drawing attention from them, you can really change the ambiance of a party. For birthdays, you can use balloons, streamers, backdrops, or even pipe and drape to cover the walls. Creating a fake wall or a divider with a backdrop is also another way to separate a party and event space from a private area of the home.
  3. Birthday Photo Spot –
    Though we absolutely love the balloon photo spots, there are many different options to choose from. A photo spot will act as a wall covering, be a brighter pop of color for a room, and will also be a way to remember the event. A custom backdrop is also something that is pretty easy to find online and makes for a great backdrop to a photo spot. A step and repeat type banner or backdrop is a great way to take photos. If you prefer, we can also help provide a photobooth with custom props specific to your event and theme.
  4. Ceilings Decorations Take it to the Next Level –
    Ceiling decor is often forgotten, but can replace table centerpieces if used correctly. It adds to the complexity and depth of a room and is a wonderful way to add themed elements to a birthday celebration. Our favorite medium of choice would be balloon ceiling decorations. Streamers, paper garland, and hanging lanterns are also great ways to utilize the ceiling space for decorations. We much prefer ceiling decor over centerpieces as centerpieces can obstruct the view of others at the table and different things going on around the room. Ceiling decorations just don’t do that.
  5. Decorative Tableware –
    For birthday party decorations, we like to use the plain color plates, knives, napkins, and other plasticware. The solid color items are cheaper than the branded trademarked items and can still be used to match the theme. For a birthday theme that is more elegant or classy, we would suggest something along the lines of the plasticware that looks like metal. It is super affordable, can be tossed out after use, and it looks really nice on the table. Adding a charger to a place setting can also increase the perceived value at an event. A charger is essentially an oversized plate that the actual plate goes on top of. It is used for decorative purposes.
  6. Birthday Party Music / Entertainment –
    A small PA type speaker from the local chain store can offer music via bluetooth. It is not going to be live band high quality, but it will be music for the event that can change the atmosphere as well. Though music is not often thought of as a decoration, it can certainly change the look and feel of a room. If budget allows, you can add birthday entertainment with a live band, strolling musician or even a karaoke machine. Entertainment can also be a great way to add to the ambiance. Whether it is a face painter for a birthday or a caricature artist for a mitzvah, entertainment can help add to the overall look and feel of the event as well.
  7. Balloon Birthday Decorations –
    Balloons are bright, colorful, fun, and can really fill up a space well. We find they are much more efficient than many of the other options to transform a room as well. Balloons can be used to create garland on the ceiling, can be used to create an arch at the entrance of your event, or can even be used as a birthday balloon decoration or centerpiece for a delivery to the party. Our favorite balloon pieces would be the arch, the balloon column, bouncing balloon garlands on the ceiling, and of course the custom themed balloon sculptures to match the event. There are so many cool things to do with balloons, that we just get all giddy inside thinking about it!

Once you have these few things in place, your party is almost set. If you would like help putting any of this together or if you would just like to have some ideas of pricing for entertainment or balloon decorations, please contact us via our online price request form at www.YTEevents.com/contact/

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