Level up in style with a yard card!

Happy Birthday Yard Signs with Cupcakes When your little one isn’t so little anymore, it may just be time to level up your birthday celebrations in the same awesome style that they level up themselves. Jayden unlocked level 12 and had a birthday display that was appropriate at the same time!

Here we have a custom yard sign for Jayden, themed to video games and accented with balloons, flowers, and cupcakes. As Jayden LOVES minecraft, we kept to the lime green and black theme as well. (We have to make sure we match too.)

When it comes to yard art, big or small displays all have a great impact. This was a great example of a smaller display that allowed for photo opportunities and also for a special message to be delivered to Jayden on their special day. The best part? Jayden gets to keep the customized piece of yard art that sports their name and the video game controller image. It can go in the bedroom, stay in the yard, or can be used to customize a locker at school!

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