Alice in Wonderland Table Centerpieces Alice in Wonderland is a phenomenal book with tons of whimsical imagery that can delight any mind. For this event, we were to create a little bit of that unique look for a young lady’s very first birthday. It was an honor of course getting to decorate for her party. I Have to admit though, it was even more fun getting to see the little one as she watched us put up and prepare the balloons for her event. Mom brought her along to decorate the facility and it was such a joy to get to see her smiling face before all the festivities began.

Mom put together some WONDERFUL centerpieces with plates, saucers, and teapots that she gathered from some local good will and salvation army stores. With a little hot glue and a simple mirror base, she was able to create stunning centerpieces that everyone loved.

To match the theme, we added a number of large pink 3 foot balloons around the room. This tied the colors together and helped to make the event pop in the eyes of those attending. Our mom was also eager to have an organic arch at her event as well. We have done these in the past and agreed to put one together for her. We chose to have a multitude of colors and sizes of balloons so that there would be plenty of depth in her table arch and so that it would accent the cake nicely for the event as well.

As will all events, we try to do something special when we can. For this one in particular, we pulled out some serious deco-twisting skills and put together two matching teapot columns for either side of the cake table. They added something unique to the event that one could not find elsewhere and it really helped pull the theme together.

As always, we had a blast traveling down this rabbit hole, creating the perfect Alice in Wonderland themed balloon decor for our little one’s first birthday party.

Entertainment Ideas

austin showing off a phoenix he made out of balloonsOther things that can be added to a theme like this might be some roving entertainment. Consider a “mad hatter” making twisted balloon hats. Adding the balloon twister to the agenda could be tons of fun. Another fun character entertainer to add might be Alice herself, similar to a roaming princess entertainer. We’ve even seen great results with caricature artists drawing the guests as cartoons or even a homemade game of pin the tail on the Cheshire Cat.

No matter what you choose for entertainment, there are plenty of whimsical and fun options to keep the guests entertained. Remember to include some sort of DJ or ambient music going as well. It really helps to add to the atmosphere of fun and whimsy.

Here is a photo of one of our balloon artists in a top hat enjoying an event where he is making a sculpture out of balloons for the guests. The artists we have on our team can make just about anything when it comes to twisting up a design customized to your theme. Just ask them!

Some entertainers can even come dressed up in costumes or attire that matches the theme. Just let us know when you book an event and we will do our best to help find an entertainer that fits as closely as possible to what you are looking for.

Balloon Decor Ideas

Teapot sculpture for mad hatter tea party event

As always, we LOVE the way balloon decor can change a space. Specifically, we love the vast array of Wonderland themed balloon arches and columns that can be added to a space. Everything from mushrooms to gardens of talking flowers would work within this theme. Your imagination is truly the only limit to what can be done.

Consider a giant teacup, re-creating of characters from the book or movie, or even just a series of balloon sculptures to just add to the wonder and awe of your guests.


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