Baby Gender Reveal Girl Popped Balloon
Baby Gender Reveal Girl Popped Balloon

Nothing compares to the surprise of a bunch of balloons cascading down from the ceiling at just the right moment! When one of our long-time clients contacted us about a gender reveal party, we were both thoroughly excited to set up a balloon drop for the big reveal!

Starting with the décor of the location, we took great care to balance the number of pink and blue balloons. Our balloon artist constructed each column with pastel colors accented with smell, metallic gold and silver balloons. A large balloon arch functioned as not only the centerpiece, but also a fun photo opportunity! Family members took a picture with a balloon of their choice and added it to either the blue or pink bundle. By the time of the announcement, there was an impressive amount of balloons on both sides!

For the balloon drop itself, we didn’t want to spoil the surprise, so our balloon artist inflated enough balloons for two separate balloon drops! Suspended from the ceiling were two massive nets, one containing the blue balloons and one containing the pink ones. When the announcement was made, a torrent of blue balloons rained down into the cheering crowd! And a moment later, a second surprise announcement was made and the pink balloons came tumbling down as well!

Twins! Sometimes everybody wins, and we were more than happy to keep that secret until the last possible second! Nothing accentuates a perfect moment quite like a balloon drop!

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