balloon whale

Florida’s marine biologists believe that appreciating the beauty and wonder of marine wildlife should go hand in hand with conserving natural marine habitats. To this end, aquarium enthusiasts have organized a series of events open to the public known as “Current Content.” These series of talks and lectures feature wildlife conservation experts explaining efforts to keep Florida’s beaches majestic for generations to come.

Instead of simply leaving flyers on walls, or posters in lobby areas, the aquarium decided that interesting decorations were a good way to pique the interest of those passing by. We worked with local aquariums for inspiration in creating fun, life-like balloon sculptures of coral structures and animals.
Balloon columns of varying sizes, colors, and inflation made for a naturally formed reef look while long green stalks of balloon seaweed jutted out seeming to sway with the current. Various balloon crabs and schools of fish dotted the landscape to reflect the busy and vibrant nature of Florida’s very own barrier reef. Above the balloon reef we made a large blue sign with smaller white lettering arranged to mimic sea foam that spelled out the name of the event.

This was a challenging but very educational project that allowed us to bring our artistic inspiration to bear while still being faithful to the actual nature of the reef. While we always enjoy helping our customers bring their visions to life, we hope the workmanship we put into these sculptures reflects the countless hours of hard work done by Florida’s marine biologists to keep Florida’s marine wildlife breathtaking.

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