Olympic Balloon Decorations for Event GO TEAM USA! The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang South Korea brought many triumphs for team USA, but many of us here at home did not get watch in person. One family in Tampa decided to host an Opening Ceremony Olympic watch party and asked YTE Events & Balloon Decor to give their party some unique decorations to make the event fun for everyone too root on team USA. For the event, our balloon twisters created a fun centerpiece that welcomed guests into the home. The guests all recognized the Olympic symbol of the five rings and thought it was so clever and unique that they were made with balloons. It added some fun to the party and was a great conversation talking point of the night.

This unique party gave us a great opportunity to show the versatility of balloon decorations. An Olympic party is a very unique event that many can not find decorations for at your local party supply store. Balloons are a great way to add decorations to unique events such as watch parties for sporting events, fantasy football draft parties, and BBQs. Since balloons come in all colors and sizes, decorations can be made in customization to your needs and size space. Our twisters are artists and can create anything you need to make your party festive. The next Olympic games are in Tokyo in Summer 2020. If you are thinking of having an Olympic watch party or another unique party that you cannot find the right decorations for, consider hiring YTE Events & Balloon Decor to liven up your event.

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