We have been making waves with our intricate balloon sculptures!

Today we would like to showcase a special new sculpture that was put on display for the Qualatex Kapital Kidvention this year! This intricate balloon sculpture was displayed along side a large balloon sculpture of a dolphin and a cresting wave stands in a hallway of a convention center  some other amazing art pieces and proudly presented before some of the best balloon artists in the world!

The blue balloons were arranged and twisted in such a way that they form a wave to serve as the backdrop for the dolphin that serves as a centerpiece. The mindful selection of colors and placement evoke the feeling of an ocean wave foaming and crashing in the sea as a beautiful dolphin leaps out of the water. Only by careful and meticulous planning can a sculpture come out so lifelike and dynamic!

If you have need of a beautiful and unique centerpiece or sculpture for your next event, we ensure you that we can come up with the perfect balloon sculpture to impress your guests!

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