Valentine’s Sweetheart photo shoot ideas

Lets plan a sweetheart photo shoot together!
red foil balloon wall with silver "love" balloon
First, think about the backdrop: obviously you and your sweetheart will be the focus, but you can’t neglect what’s going to be behind you! Make it pretty with some foil balloons, either monochrome or a mix of colors. Prefer a nature backdrop? Find a blooming garden to pose in!
Next think about the props, what will you be working with? We love pictures “blowing kisses” with colorful sprinkles instead of glitter(easier clean up, and you won’t find traces of it left behind weeks later!). Single balloons or small balloon bundles are a cute way to play around with different poses floating around the area, and gives you something to do with your hands.
LOVE blowing sprinkles kisses
Now let’s talk about the models! Of course you want some pictures of yourself, and grab your sweetheart too! Or maybe you’re more of the pet parent pictures type? Grab your pup and smile for the camera!
Wanting to add to the drama? Incorporate a powder color bomb! Discuss this option with your photographer to make sure they’re comfortable with it, and to communicate beforehand what poses you’re wanting to capture. The colorful effect only lasts a few seconds, so once it starts you’ve gotta move quick to snap those shots!