Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Balloon Centerpiece Delivery Birthdays are always fun and exciting! They are even more exciting when we get to celebrate them with our good friends. This particular gem was created for the daughter of one of the men we share our office space with in downtown Tampa. He stopped by early last week and let us know that his daughter had a birthday coming up and that she absolutely loved balloons. Upon further investigation, we found out that she likes rainbow, unicorns, and hearts too!

So, without hesitation, we put together a customized piece together that he could take home and decorate the cake table with. This adorable little balloon unicorn is sitting on a cloud of air, obviously shoving their face full of some delicious birthday cake. Topped with a rainbow balloon topiary and accented with a rainbow of uninflated balloons around the central portion of this piece, we finished off our gorgeous little balloon rainbow unicorn centerpiece with a heart that wishes his daughter a very happy 5th birthday.

We have tons of simplistic centerpieces and such that we do for larger events where we are covering 10s and 100s of tables, but these little one-off pieces are always a lot of fun. This sculpture took just under 50 balloons to build and was constructed on a semi-permanent base which would allow it to be places outside or inside for display.

If you would like a special delivery or birthday sculpture for a special someone, please contact us at YTE Events and Balloon Décor and we will be more than happy to get you in touch with one of our head balloon designers so that we can create something special and just for you!

Speaking of centerpieces, we were mentioned in a wikipedia article for a centerpiece we did and wanted to share. This is no rainbow unicorn, but there is some Disney magic!

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