White and pink balloon ceiling decor above a pink lace-topped table and a cartoon elephant curtain.

Every expecting mother has a unique way they want to celebrate a new life entering their family. It’s not often that a mother has a baby elephant blanket that they want to make as the focus of their decor, but this client did. So, we had an interesting challenge: how do we feature a blanket while adding our splash of colorful balloons?

The answer was this bright balloon ceiling decor! The two lengths of balloons that attached to the ceiling and hung down the side of the blanket were about five feet long. The decor was made using a combination of white, pink, and metallic-color balloons, arranged in bunches. The white balloons acted as our cloud-shaped backdrop for the pink and metal-colored balloons to pop out from. 

We came to this design after talking to the client about their specific needs. Since the decor was going to be inside, and the ceiling was a little low, we couldn’t go with an arch or column without taking up too much space. Besides, the client wanted to make sure that the blanket and table pictured above were the stars of the show. 

We also delivered some organic balloon decor of the same color scheme to this client. They wanted to have a few, small pieces that they could spread around the room to really tie the decor theme together. One of the pieces went underneath the window behind the table, like a little cloud rolling into the room. 

Not every decor piece that we make is meant to be the main focus of the decoration. We’re more than happy to play a smaller role in the event if that’s what the client wants. At the end of the day, if we can help bring joy to those celebrating a new life entering the world, that’s what we’re looking for in our work!

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