Patriotic balloon column ideas YTE Balloon columns can vary in so many ways, that it is often difficult for our clients to choose exactly what they want. Part of the way we alleviate this pain is by taking a creative license and designing pieces we know will look great for their event. For clients who wish to have a more hands on approach, we have worked to make the process as easy as possible.

The first step is often about picking colors or a theme. Sometimes it is really difficult as the theme may or may not have an easy answer. This may be more true with theme such as superhero, princess, etc. For those, we often pick out a few primary colors and some accent colors to help bring everything together. For other events, it is very easy to pick out which colors will be used in the design. For this example, we will be using a patriotic theme. We will be using red, white, and blue.

Once you have established what you want (columns) and the colors (patriotic), then the next step is to determine a style. There are multiple shapes, styles, color placements, and variations for columns that can be done. Here are 4 simple examples to show what might be chosen from. We have designs from left to right; zig-zag column, color stacked Corinthian column, an arrow or chevron column, and on the far right we have a color stacked column. All of these examples have the same topper. They have a bow tie topper that is fun, unique and elegant. However, the base column is what will be important in this step. For this example, we will decide to use the color stacked column on the far right.

Patriotic Balloon Column Topper Choices YTE Once we have the style of column we want, we can then add any number of different tops to the column to give it a different look or feel. In the following example, we have a plain column with no topper, a large foil star topper, our bow tie topper, a double stuffed white inside of a clear balloon topper, and we have in the center the design we finally settled on. It is a firecracker topper that is super fun and exciting for nearly any patriotic event. It also happens to be one of our most requested patriotic balloon columns that we send out for 4th of July, military appreciation events, and other patriotic themed functions.

If you see a balloon column (or other type of décor) that you would like to see us recreate, please let us know and we will be happy to put something together for your event. YTE Events and Balloon Décor specializes in custom, high quality, balloon décor and we would love to help take your event to the next level of fun!

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