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Tampa day school graduation with red and black spiral columns and foil toppers.

It’s the season of school graduations! Over at Tampa Bay Day School, they hosted their graduation event on site and wanted graduation balloon columns to brighten up the entrance to the ceremony. We were more than happy to oblige with these fun latex and foil balloon pillars!

How to make a balloon column with three colors?

These columns were three feet tall and made using a weighted base for the foundation and framing. Red and black spirals of latex balloons spun up the sides of the columns. On top, we have foil balloon toppers to catch the eye and make a fun contrast the to darker colors of the columns. These column toppers really help to set the ceremony decorations apart from other décor options. The school colors led us to make red and black balloon columns, so we had to find something that made for an eye-catcher on top!

Why are party decorations so important for graduation events?

Just like birthday party decorations help with showing the theme of an event and to mark the celebration of a milestone, parties themed for graduations can greatly benefit in adding to the fun and excitement when a student graduates from one school and ventures into their next stage in life. A graduation is always important whether they are finishing up at elementary school, high school, or college.

Tampa Bay Day School serves an important group of students in the community. With these balloon columns, we helped these students see how important this day was for them and their families. Graduations mark the start of a new chapter, one we were happy to help kick off!

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