From A Student To A Leader – Balloon Archway and Columns For Graduation

Students all over look forward to the day that they graduate from their studies and move on to something grander. At Dr. Carter G Woodson Leadership Academy, this means moving on to high school with a ceremony worthy of budding leaders.

The Archway For The Walkway

Leadership academy graduation featuring a balloon arch in school colors.

We wanted to make a grand display as both a statement and a photo opportunity for everyone. What better way to do that than by going big with school colors?

The archway was made with a spiral of red and blue balloons along a curved support. We built this large enough to frame the table and display you can see in the photo. It also helped make sure you could fit the whole family in one photo!

Balloons And Foil For The Stage

Leadership academy graduation featuring balloon columns.

To keep the theme going, we also made these two columns for the stage area. Framing the podium, these columns also feature the school’s colors. The balloons spiral up along the vertical support. Foil star balloons topped the columns, where they caught the light of the gymnasium and reflected it to the real stars of the ceremony – the students!


A Day To Remember

The students and their families will always remember this milestone in the students’ lives. It’s not every day your academic achievements are recognized, and it’s not every day you have that change to bigger things be featured. We wish the students the best of luck in their future pursuits!

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