Blue and white organic balloon decor hung above the awning of the Oxford Exchange with strings of blue and white balloons hanging down from the main decor piece.

All over, folks are celebrating the victory the Bolts have earned this hockey season! Taking the Stanley Cup in back-to-back seasons isn’t something many teams have been able to pull off in the history of the NHL, especially with a franchise as young as the Bolts. To help celebrate this victory, the Oxford Exchange in downtown Tampa wanted to work with us to create some balloon decor with the Bolts’ colors. This is what we were able to come with!


Stretching across the second floor of the building, we hung a long arch of white balloons on the outside of Exchange, facing the road. We inflated these balloons to different levels to create a fun and interesting mix of sizes to use as the foundation for the decor. 


From there, we added strands of blue or white balloons to this arch. We stuck mostly to the blue balloons for this so that they would stand out from the white foundation. We kept the white strings of balloons to the ends and middle of the arch to change up the colors and keep the blue strands from blending together too much. These stands were draped over the arch and hung down to look like beads from a parade. To finish off the decor, we added blue and silver foil balloons to catch the sunlight and catch the eyes!


Overall, this decor was one of the largest single pieces we’ve made in a while. The main arch was almost thirty feet long, with the strands of balloons hanging down another three to four feet down in some spots. We loved being able to go big on this celebration for the Bolts and to work with a client so close to where the Bolts bring home these amazing victories!

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