Organic balloon decor made of red, pink, and white balloons next to a sunny window and a table with chairs.

When we get a client that wants to spruce up a wall or space for an event, we expect certain design ideas. It’s only as we talk things out with the client and hone in on what they want to we get to tease out that imagination and wonder we love to see. For this event, rather than doing any ceiling decor or a balloon column, this client wanted this branching organic balloon decor!

Since we started off knowing roughly where the decor was going to go, we had some ideas on how to best take advantage of it. Specifically, being next to a sunny window let us work with some colors and design elements we know work well with bright, natural light. Pinks and whites are great for catching and gently reflecting sunlight back into the room. They help brighten up the space, and are fun, warm colors in general!

Also, we added in some metallic colors to keep with that theme of reflecting sunlight and brightening the room. Metallic touches like that add a little elegance to the decor as well, like adding some silver accessories to a tailored outfit.

Overall, the decor stood about nine feet tall from the base to the top of the decor’s curve. We placed the decor in the space so that it would hang gracefully above the table and chairs in the room like a branch welcoming the guests to their seats!

When we get a chance to work with our clients and their event space, magical things happen. We love doing the amazing work we get to do for these events, and we love the wonderful people whose design ideas we get to bring to life. Check out some of the other decor pieces we’ve been able to make over the years and see if any others stand out to you!

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