Quarantine Balloon Decor Deliveries Social Distancing Entrance Decorations

Quarantine balloon decor is a unique, yet fun experience that we are having at YTE Events and Balloon Decor. This particular installation was made for a baby shower, but the increase in drive-by events has led us to decorate for all sorts of events.

Sticking with as many safety guidelines as we can, YTE works to do its very best to keep all its staff and clients safe during the pandemic. Wearing masks, providing no-touch deliveries, and setting up while there are no party guests are just a few ways we work to make this happen.

This installation was created ahead of time in the shop and then delivered and set up on site. The set up process took approximately 1 hour for this install and it was attached without any chance of damage to the property. Nothing was glued, nailed, tapes, or placed at this location that could damage the railing or paint in the front of this home. We do our very best to protect our clients and that includes their property.

This baby shower was a drive through event that started with a gift table, then this photo opportunity with the guest of honor, and then ended with a table where visitors were served a goodie bag, complete with a non-alcoholic bubbly drink for the road. It was super classy and loads of fun for all involved!

If you would like help setting up your one of a kind drive-by event, please let us know. We will be more than happy to help create a program that is perfect for you and your guests.

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