In Florida, the weather is unpredictable during these hot summer months. One minute it can be raining and the next super sunny. Of course, it is always hot! That is why we love indoor events during these hot, summer months in Florida. Indoor events have so many possibilities! YTE Events & Balloon Decor are experts in turning indoor spaces into welcoming, elegant, and decorated works of art for any event. Our balloon artists recently did this gorgeous indoor night wedding! Chiavari chairs in gold with white cushions were placed around the room for guests. We played off these colors and used white and gold balloons to create an organic balloon arch around the drapery entrance. Lighting around the drapery lit up the balloons for a warm and elegant effect perfect for the traditional wedding.

Organic balloon arches are great for any event. They can function as decoration over an entrance to an event, indoor or outdoor or serve as a centerpiece around a stage or sweetheart table at weddings. Arches in soft and pearl colors are perfect for weddings and can be made for custom to fit any event space large or small. Balloon arches are also fun for birthday parties, graduations, and baby showers! Balloons in bright colors can create a great photo backdrop for guests to snap photos with family and friends at special events.

Organic balloon arches are one of our top requested decorations. YTE Events & Balloon Decor artists love creating new and fun balloon decorations for any event. Book on of our artists today and let us create something memorable for your event!

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