Cinderella themed baby shower event with prince and princess and organic balloon arch silver and blue Organic themed balloon decor is super popular right now. This amazing blue and silver balloon arch was made for a Cinderella themed baby shower for a little girl that is on the way.

This particular arch is over 20 feet long and included a princess and prince to stand along beside it. The two sculptures are life-size at approximately 6 foot tall and are made entirely out of balloons.

The discerning eye may even notice a balloon column in the background of a baby bottle as well. Originally meant to flank either side of the entrance of the event, this was one of two bottles meant for outside. The client liked it so much that they wanted one of them brought inside for people to enjoy while they were in the party. That’s the kind of feedback we absolutely LOVE to hear!

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Organic Themed Balloon Decor for Unforgettable Events

At YTE Events and Balloon Decor, we understand the latest trends in event planning, and one of the most popular choices right now is organic themed balloon decor. With its natural and whimsical appeal, it adds a touch of magic to any occasion. Let us take you on a journey through one of our recent creations: a stunning blue and silver balloon arch designed for a Cinderella themed baby shower celebrating the imminent arrival of a baby girl.

This breathtaking balloon arch spans over 20 feet in length, creating a captivating focal point that instantly sets the mood for the event. To enhance the theme, we included two life-size balloon sculptures of a princess and prince, standing tall at approximately 6 feet. Crafted entirely out of balloons, these sculptures bring the fairy tale to life and make for fantastic photo opportunities.

For the discerning eye, there’s even more to discover. In the background, you’ll find a charming balloon column featuring a baby bottle design. Originally intended to flank the entrance, the client was so impressed with this detail that they requested one of the columns to be brought inside for everyone to enjoy during the party. We are thrilled when our clients appreciate our work and provide positive feedback—it fuels our passion for creating memorable experiences!

If you’re interested in custom baby shower decorations or need our expertise to elevate any other event, look no further. YTE Events and Balloon Decor is here to help. Simply visit our contact page and fill out our event request form. We’ll promptly get back to you with quotes, suggestions, and a range of ways we can contribute to making your event truly special.

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