Red, white, and blue organic balloon decor for a block party in the Wesley Chapel area.

This past Independence Day, we were involved in all sorts of parties and events throughout the Tampa Bay area. Still, we had to show and deliver our work as promised, and the work for this client was no exception!

We made this organic balloon decor to compliment the sign for the Grand Hampton Clubhouse in a Wesley Chapel neighborhood. The decor started off as a pair of curved frames to tie off our balloons onto. Since the client wanted to have a fun mixture of colors and patterns, we went with something more than just the plain colors for the flag. Instead, we opted for star patterns, featuring both single large stars and many smaller ones. 

If you look closely, you’ll see that the decor has spirals and clusters of the different colors along the entire curve. This was to really drive home the color and pattern choices to make the decor pop. This client had high expectations, we knew we had to up our design to meet those hopes! 

We built the decor at our site and delivered the organic decor fully built. After taking some time to get set up at the clubhouse, the decor was ready to go for the festivities later in the day! Minimal hassle for the client for a maximum amount of fun!

This kind of decor works well for indoor spaces as well, especially when we get to work closely with the client and highlight the points they want to draw eyes towards, just like with this sign. If you want to see what other ways we can use organic balloon decor for an event, then reach out to us and see what we have to offer! We love to work on events of all kinds, not just holidays!

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