Balloon column sculptures to compliment a sign for a branch of US AmeriBank.

A little flair can go a long way when you’re running a promo! We did these balloon columns for a local branch of US AmeriBank, using their sign as our inspiration. 

The columns were about 10 feet tall and were made with bands of red, white, and blue balloons. We started with the blue balloons on the bottom, then red and white above those. To keep it symmetrical, we added bands of red and blue above the white band in the middle. The white and red helped the sign stand out when you were driving down the nearby road!

We also wanted to keep the look of the columns interesting and fill in gaps on the columns. So, we added alternated between large and small balloons in stripes. This way, the gaps get filled with the right color and the columns had another layer of visual intrigue to them!

We love doing designs for local businesses! It’s a lot of fun to get out into the community and meet all the people that help keep things running here in the neighborhood.

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