White balloons strung at various heights in a pool next to a pavilion at an event.

One of the up-and-coming trends in balloon decor is balloon pool decor. This is where balloons are placed into a pool and strung at different lengths. If you do this with the right kind of string, the balloons like they float above the water on their own! This makes for an elegant-looking decor for formal events or other outdoor parties. It’s been a while since we’ve had to do one of these designs, so when this client wanted our help with pool decor, we knew we had to try this out!

Designing balloon pool decor is much different than doing a balloon sculpture or arch. Instead of measuring out the space we have to work with and fitting in a design that works there, we have to measure out the pool. If we don’t know how deep the pool is, or how much the depth changes from end to end, we can’t get the balloons to float nicely above the water. 

As with other events we do, color choice matters to us as well. We want to make sure that we match the client’s imagination when they talk about the decor with us. This client wanted to go with white, spherical balloons, which is an iconic and classy look for pool decor. 

With the dimensions of the pool and the colors figured out, all that was left was to inflate the balloons, cut out the string, and tie everything together for the pool. We just had to make sure we gently dropped the weights into the pool, though. We didn’t want any balloons getting loose and floating up into the sky!

And that’s why pools are such an interesting challenge for balloon decor. While many of the things we look at are similar compared to other balloon decorations, we have to think about things specific to the pool to make everything work. A classy look only works well when you have attention to detail and a passion for the work!

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