Centerpieces that remotely explode and cascade balloons for a corporate event

Who says corporate events have to be boring?

Check out these pop drops where centerpieces remotely explode and cascade balloons on que. This classic, yet elegant theme was achieved by touches of blue and gold with the corporate logo proudly presented in front for all guests to see. The centerpiece held the grand surprise for the final announcement.

Each table has its own pop drop centerpiece to explode so everyone gets to feel the excitement and joy it brings when the announcement is made. This time, it was the regional sales winners for the company! The large gold balloons have confetti and smaller balloons inside which cascade and make a grand special effect.

The client O’Neal Steel had gold and navy blue as the main colors to celebrate for their Magnolia Club event. You can see them on the tables with simple table covers and linens. The simple decor really added to the wow factor when the balloons were involved with the announcement. All this in conjunction with their backdrops, video screens, and oversized letter made the decor elegant, but impressive.

To make it even more unforgettable, we also had confetti cannons and cold sparks that made the final announcement awe-inspiring.

Though this special request was a challenge, we were very excited to work with this client. After our effort and commitment —  it was all worthwhile when we saw the awe in the guests’ eyes!

We would love to duplicate this phenomenal setup to be experienced in events like this more often. So, what are you waiting for? We make sure to give unforgettable results that can be the talk of the family, the town, or the company. YTE events and Balloon Decor cannot wait to work and make that idea of yours possible and awesome!

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