White and blue balloon columns to help celebrate a fundraiser event for a martial arts school.

We’re not just birthdays and graduations here at YTE! We help clients with any kind of celebrations or events they want to host. So, when this client wants us to help them brighten up their post-fundraiser party, we were thrilled to participate with this pair of blue and white balloon columns!

These balloon columns started off as a black weighted base with a vertical frame. To that frame, we added blue and white balloons up through the entire column. To create a fun pattern, we offset the white and blue balloons to create a zig-zag pattern running up the side of the columns. Topping everything off was a large, white balloon inflated to be a huge cap for the columns. 

We delivered these columns fully constructed to the event. We knew these columns were going to be framing the display shown in the picture and that the client wanted minimal hassle setting up the columns. So, we were happy to get the columns built at our site and then bring them over!

For these kinds of events in the past, we’ve done other interesting things to add to the decor for the event. Organic balloon decor pairs well with balloon columns since the decor can match the colors ofo the columns and highlight other areas of the event space. We like doing balloon sculptures to go along with our columns, too…they’re a great way to catch the eye and make great photo ops!

Either way, our client loved the columns that we delivered, and had a great time in part because of them! We love to work with local businesses that are working towards a goal because we love to help people celebrate achieving those goals! To us, those opportunities are worth celebrating as a reminder of why we all work as hard as we do!

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