Floral Balloon Decor For Clothing Store

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Easter Egg Balloon Sculpture Photo Area in Macys Holiday Event

Springtime! A refreshing time of the year where the humidity hasn’t quite broken out yet in Tampa, and the sun shines brightly. To celebrate that turn in seasons, this store asked for a decorative piece that would accent their floral collection, and we delivered!

Various greens were used to create the foundation for this bed of balloon flowers. The corner created by these garden beds helps prop up a brightly colored centerpiece. Long, thin stalks reach up out of the base, with bright-colored loops of balloon creating flower petals that look like springtime daisies.

The centerpiece was made using alternating rows of large and small balloons of white and different spring colors to create our take on an Easter egg! Blues, purples, and yellows create bands of color and patterns on the surface of the centerpiece. Smaller pink balloons highlight the patterns, and the butterfly resting on top.

All these colors blend together to remind us of the beauty that comes in spring!

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