Hockey season may have just ended, but Tampa Bay Lightning fans can’t wait for the next season to begin. Sports Illustrated just released that the Tampa Bay Lightning are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup in 2020. That is amazing! YTE Events & Balloon Decor love working with the Tampa Bay Lighting. Throughout the years we have created some great balloon decorations, but the ICE letters were pretty unique. Our balloon artists created the letters with varying sizes of white balloons. Light blue balloons were also used inside the letter structure to add a bit of color. These letters were perfect for an event at the Amalie Arena because they provided a BIG centerpiece without taking up too much floor space as well as provided a great photo backdrop for fans to snap photos for social media.

Balloon letters and numbers are becoming quite popular with our clients because of the large impact they make at events. While the letters or numbers can be made to be as large as you need them, they are light weight and can be moved quiet easily. Letters could spell out a special message at an event. “Love” in weddings colors would be perfect for wedding photos of the new married couple and bridal party. Balloon numbers could be used for birthday parties or for the class year at graduation parties.  We could even spell out your event hashtag for social media.

YTE Events & Balloon Decor balloon artists love making custom letter and numbers for our clients. They sky is the limit to what balloons can spell out to celebrate your event. Book our balloon artists today to send a special message at your event.

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