Corporate Conference Stage Decorations Stage balloon decorations can vary depending on the size of the stage, type of event, and event the type of guests who will be attending.

The first example we have is a photo of stage décor put up in the presentation area of an office building on either side of a small one foot stage. This simple décor was used to help alert the guests to where the front of the room was and to make sure they felt the subconscious excitement that comes whenever there is a balloon around.

The second example is an outdoor venue, set up inside a tent with a two foot stage. There were actually more of these columns all around the tent, decorating for the event. However, these were the ones they placed on the stage to give the venue décor congruency and to help frame the staging area for the speaker, performer, and band.

Stage Decorations for TMobile Event Tampa These are both examples of stages with fairly low roofs. For larger stages, we can create giant cascading arches in the background, floating backdrops of foil stars, or even just a balloon wall to help create a fun backdrop and a mini prep area for any performers. The options are completely limitless with this stuff.

Just contact us today to find out how we can help transform an event space for you!

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