Stilt walking has been dated to have existed from as early as the 6th century BC. Today, it is one of the remarkable party entertainment that children enjoy. There, however, is much more to stilt walking than most folks assume. Indeed, professional stilt walkers may greatly upgrade a birthday party.

Stilt Walkers Often Have Extra Skills
As part of the stilt walking entertainment package, stilt walkers also display additional skills that your guest will love. The stilt walkers showcase such skills as:

  • Juggling- this is very popular with children; adults too appreciate it. Stilt walking jugglers can offer short juggling shows or simply juggle as they roam abut.
  • Balloon Modelling- great balloon modeling stunts have thrilled children when done by stilt walkers.
  • Stilt Bicycle Riding- now this is something that will blow everyone away; a stilt walker riding a bicycle!
  • Musicians on Stilts- you can easily give your entertainment an extra edge by hiring stilt-walkers to provide the music.
  • Other Skills- stilt walkers can also provide circus workshops, display fire skills and perform acrobatics

Stilt Walkers Provide Additional Entertainment
Stilt walking will enhance the fun at a birthday party considerably through a variety of acts that include:

  • Meet and Greet Acts- stilt walkers will welcome your guest, show them where to sit and entertain them as they do it.
  • Mingling Acts- if you want to make sure that everyone is having fun at a party, hire stilt walkers to interact with everyone and keep their fun spirits high throughout the entire party.
  • Roving Acts- these are especially ideal for large outdoor parties. The stilt walkers move around doing their thing and keeping everyone happy.

Stilt Walkers Can Get You a Themed Party
Stilt walkers can customize your party and pull off a spectacular theme that will melt away the hearts of your guests. The assortment of themes to choose from is virtually endless. You could have almost any theme you like including circus, sports, Halloween, food festival, medieval, Venetian, Roman, Victorian, Christmas, Easter and much more.

Stilt walking is a great party entertainment. All you do is engage a professional stilt walking agency, and you will have a party like no other.

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