Red and green balloon columns that look like stacks of Christmas presents and topped with monkey elves made out of foil balloons.


Balloon columns can add a touch of magic to any event, but they also come with a price tag. Understanding the costs involved can help you budget effectively and make informed decisions. In this article, we delve into the various aspects of balloon column costs and budgeting, from what to expect in terms of pricing to when it’s worth splurging on premium options.

Balloon Column Pricing: What to Expect

Factors Influencing Cost

The cost of a balloon column can vary based on several factors such as size, design complexity, and materials used. Customization, location, and labor also contribute to the overall price. If the column will be placed inside, the framing may be different than a column placed outside and that can influence the prices as well. 

Average Price Range

A column ranges in price from $50 to $300 each, though most commonly they are priced around $150/column. 

Budget-Friendly Balloon Columns: Save Money

DIY Balloon Columns

One way to save money is by creating the balloon columns yourself. Kits are available that include all the necessary materials and instructions. A kit can vary in price, but is often between $40 and $70. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to create a column from a DIY kit and quality of kits and options can vary greatly. It is important to judge the quality of your balloon column kit based on the framing used as that is the most important factor when considering the longevity of the column. 

Opt for Simpler Designs

Choosing a basic design with fewer colors and simpler shapes can also reduce costs. A standard balloon column will cost much less than an organic balloon column or a column made into a sculpture of some kind. The classic latex air-filled balloon column with no topper will often be the cheapest design option available with professional balloon decor companies in your area. 

Bulk Orders

If you’re planning a large event, consider ordering in bulk to take advantage of discounts. If you are hosting a corporate event, a large trade show, or some other event requiring tons of balloon columns, mention that to the balloon delivery company you are speaking with and they may be able to offer a discount best on the size of your request. 

Premium Balloon Columns: When to Splurge

Special Occasions

For milestone events like weddings or significant corporate events, investing in premium balloon columns can add a luxurious touch. 

Custom Designs

If you have a specific vision or theme, custom designs may require a higher budget but will ensure your event is uniquely memorable. This also may come into play if you are hosting an event at a hospital and wish to have something other than latex balloons. A mylar column, for instance, might be a great premium alternative and can make sure everyone is happy at your event. 

Quality Over Quantity

Sometimes, fewer high-quality, intricately designed balloon columns can make a bigger impact than numerous simpler ones. These premium options may include light-up options, moving columns, or even just additions of florals or fabric to enhance the appearance of the balloon column for your event. 

Balloon Column Rentals vs. Buying: What’s Better?

Pros and Cons of Renting

Renting can be cost-effective for one-time events but may come with limitations on customization and availability. Normally, rental options will be non-balloon options and will be plastic or made of some other materials. They can sometimes be heavy, take up space for storage, and can be tricky to put into place. Because of this, prices can often be comparable to balloon decor pricing. 

Pros and Cons of Buying

Buying a balloon column from an event company often is going to have the same effect as renting since they are often renting you the framing of the balloon column and then are delivering and setting up everything for you for the event. If you end up purchasing a balloon kit, then you will own the column framing pieces. However, often the balloon kits are very low quality frames and are never actually used by professional balloon decor companies to assemble their columns. 

Financing Your Balloon Columns: Options and Ideas

Payment Plans

Some vendors offer payment plans, allowing you to spread the cost over a period of time. This is especially true for large milestone events or corporate functions. Consider paying for your event throughout the year instead of all at once. 


For corporate events, consider seeking sponsorships to cover the costs. A sponsor can cover the costs of the columns or other balloon decor at an event and can even have those columns marked with their logo with a customized logo topper. 


For personal events like weddings or baby showers, crowdfunding platforms can be an option to gather contributions from attendees. It never hurts to call that favorite aunt up either. Some guests would rather pay for something to help make your event that much more special than to buy and extra toaster you may never use. 

FAQ Section

Can I Negotiate Column Prices with Vendors?

It is uncommon to negotiate prices with professional balloon decor companies as they have used formulas and experience to put together prices for their columns. If you are dealing with an individual that is new in the business, you may be able to negotiate their fees. 

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Always ask for a detailed quote to avoid any unexpected costs like delivery or setup fees. Some vendors charge for delivery, extra colors, setup, staging, breakdown, clean up, and disposal. Many also add taxes and service or rush order fees. So, make sure you get a fully detailed quote. 

Is Insurance Necessary?

You should absolutely make sure that your balloon decor vendor has insurance. Not only do most venues require it, but it helps to protect you in case anything is damaged or broken upon installation or removal of the balloon columns or balloon decor. 

How much do balloon columns cost?

Columns from a professional balloon decorator are $135 for the standard column options and can range up to $225+ for foil or specialty columns.  

How many balloons per foot for a balloon column?

 There are approximately 7 balloons per foot in a 5 foot balloon column before the topper is added. 

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Understanding the costs involved in balloon column decor can help you make informed decisions that align with your budget and event needs. Whether you opt for budget-friendly options or decide to splurge on premium columns, planning ahead and considering various financing options can ensure your event is both stunning and financially feasible.

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