Library school balloon column with special printed themed topper for book fair Special occasion


Balloon columns have become a staple in event decor, offering a versatile and eye-catching way to enhance any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, these inflatable air-filled pillars can be customized to fit the theme and atmosphere. In this article, we’ll explore how balloon columns can add a special touch to various types of events.

Wedding Balloon Columns: A Romantic Touch

Here is a great video showing how simple balloon columns can be used to accent a wedding backdrop. With a few florals and some fabric, these columns can be elevated to match nearly any theme.

The Importance of Aesthetic

Weddings are all about romance and elegance. Balloon columns can be designed to complement the color scheme and theme, adding a whimsical yet sophisticated touch to the venue. When it comes to weddings, theming is important. Make sure your balloon designer knows what your theme is with a Pinterest board or a look book. 

Ideas for Implementation

Consider using soft colors like blush, gold, or ivory. Incorporate floral arrangements at the base or top for an extra layer of beauty. Tulle or fairy lights can also be wrapped around the column for a magical effect.  For placement, columns can be placed in the corners of the room, behind the sweetheart table, at the entrance, or even at the corners of the dance floor. 

Birthday Balloon Columns: Make It Memorable

Superhero themed birthday party backdrop with shimmer wall and balloon columns marvel theme

Capturing the Essence of Celebration

Birthdays are joyous occasions that deserve to be celebrated in style. Balloon columns can serve as the perfect backdrop for photos or as markers for the entrance to the party area. They can also be themed or sculpted into different shapes. Make sure the theme of the party is communicated to your balloon decor team to ensure your party decor matches. 

Ideas for Implementation

For children’s birthdays, think bright colors and themes like superheroes or princesses. For adults, perhaps a more subdued palette with metallics or monochromes would be appropriate. Either way, birthday parties are easy to enhance with balloon decorations. They can be placed at entrances, behind the cake table, as a photo opportunity, or can even be used to highlight the gift table for your guests. 

Corporate Event Balloon Columns: Add Professional Flair

Setting the Tone

Corporate events often require a balance between professionalism and festivity. Balloon columns can help strike this balance, offering a visually appealing yet not overly casual decor element. The greatest part about balloon columns for corporate events is that they can be custom themed to match your corporate logo. With either a printed topper or a custom printed balloon, personalization is a great way to spruce up a balloon tower. 

Ideas for Implementation

Definitely make sure the columns match the company brand or the theme of the event. Incorporate the company logo or event-specific signage at the top of the column for brand reinforcement. The columns can be placed throughout the event to tie different locations together and to help direct traffic and guests to the locations you would like to highlight at the event. Columns also make fantastic navigational items as well as toppers can have arrows and directions on them too. 

Graduation Balloon Columns: Celebrate Achievement

Check out this fun video on how to make a graduation yard stake for an announcement.

Marking a Milestone

Graduations are significant milestones that warrant grand celebrations. Balloon columns can serve as excellent markers for photo spots or for the stage area. Use the school’s colors or go for a more elegant look with black and gold. Adding the graduation year or the school’s initials can make it more personalized.

Ideas for Implementation

Using oversized balloon columns on either side of the stage can help highlight the stage area and give a feel of a balloon wall without the costs. Columns can be also placed on either side of the seating area or down the aisle to help highlight the event and add vibrant balloons to the event space to highlight the special occasion. 

Baby Shower Balloon Columns: Welcome the New Arrival

A Soft and Sweet Atmosphere

Baby showers are all about welcoming new life. Pastel-colored balloon columns can add a soft and sweet atmosphere to the event and make the perfect balloons to make your event pop.

Ideas for Implementation

Consider using baby blue, pink, or gender-neutral colors like yellow or green. Baby-themed ornaments like pacifiers or tiny shoes can be added for extra charm. Common sculptures for baby showers are column-based baby bottles which can be made to match the theme colors and look fantastic behind a cake table. 

Holiday Balloon Columns: Festive Ideas

Seasonal Themes

Holidays offer a plethora of themes and color schemes to choose from. Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or the Fourth of July, balloon columns can make the event more festive. Take full advantage on how columns are also fully customizable. 

Ideas for Implementation

Use traditional holiday colors and consider adding seasonal elements like snowflakes, pumpkins, or stars. Highlight your entrances, a snack or dessert table, or use the columns to just add a fun atmosphere to your next event. 

Gender Reveal Balloon Columns: The Big Surprise

Hosting a gender reveal balloon for a lucky couple

The Element of Surprise

Gender reveal parties are all about the big reveal. Use balloon columns to add suspense and excitement to the moment. 

Ideas for Implementation

Use a combination of pink and blue balloons. The big reveal can even be incorporated into the column by using a special balloon that, when popped, reveals the baby’s gender. This “pop drop” gender reveal can be tons of fun!

Religious Event Balloon Columns: Sacred and Beautiful

Respectful Decor

Religious events often require decor that is both beautiful and respectful. Balloon columns can be designed to fit these criteria. Go with a white, cream, or neutral color or find something that more closely resembles the theme of your event. 

Ideas for Implementation

Stick to colors that are traditionally associated with the specific religious event. Adding symbols or text can also make the columns more fitting for the occasion. Columns allow for us to attach a banner or sign between them for a stunning balloon announcement or decoration for a service. 

FAQ Section

  • Can Balloon Columns Be Used Outdoors?
    Yes, but consider weather conditions and secure them properly. Colors can also be important when determining the longevity of the balloons. 
  • How Long Do Balloon Columns Last?
    Typically, they last for 5-7 days indoors. For outdoor events, it will likely only last a day or two when exposed to the elements. 
  • Are They Reusable?
    Generally, no. They are usually event-specific and have a limited lifespan. For indoor use, sometimes you can move them from location to location to get different uses out of them. 
  • Why choose a column over a balloon arch?
    Columns are way more flexible with placement at an event and can be moved as needed, whereas an arch is stationary and cannot move. The arch is also limited in dimensions of height and width based on the size of the arch where balloon columns can be any width and nearly any height. 
  • What event would be best for a column made of mylar balloons?
    Mylar is best for indoor uses that require longevity or outdoor events that must withstand the elements. A mylar column would be best for a car dealership or mall installation that wanted decorate for months at a time.  


Balloon columns offer a versatile and customizable way to add flair to any event. By tailoring the design to fit the occasion, you can create a memorable and visually stunning experience for all attendees. YTE Events and Balloon Decor is able to take care of your balloon column delivery for your corporate event or other special occasion. So, birthday, wedding or block party… Contact us to see how we can help elevate your next event with that special touch.