Stuffed Balloon Deliveries

Give a gift that’s truly unique! These gorgeous stuffed balloons are a one of a kind gift that can be filled with just about anything and are sure to bring the “wow” factor when it walks through the door! Each balloon features an adorable plush and can be customized to add candy, flowers, and anything else your heart desires!


Balloon, Bow, Tissue Paper, White Shred, Teddy Bear, Add Ons can include: Candy, Flowers, Bracelet, Card, Etc.

Want to put something special in a balloon? We can do that too! 
Make your gift extra unique by putting it in a balloon. This is perfect for Birthdays, Holidays, Quinceaneras & Parties

Get creative & bring your own items to stuff! We can help you stuff anything into a balloon
as long as it can fit inside a 5” diameter. Call to see what stuffed animals we currently have in stock!

Hard items such a high heel shoes and wine bottles are possible,but may require an additional fee.

What Do You Put Inside a Balloon?

You can put almost anything in the balloon as long as it fits inside and doesn’t pop the balloon.

Popular gifts inside balloons are dolls, cuddly toys, candy, perfumes, shoes, clothes, purses, jewelry, flowers and money. You can also stuff a balloon with small, round or heart shaped balloons, either as a decorative add-on to your gift, or to create a so-called “gumball”.

Imagine, a balloon popping and a pure diamond ring falling into your fianc√©’s hands, kids popping a balloon with a bunch of candies or an exploding stuffed balloon showering your guests with a flood of small balloons.