Wet and Dry bounce house options for birthday parties or events Bounce houses are a great addition to any birthday party. They add excitement and fun to the event, helping your child have a blast on his or her special day.

The best ages for bounce houses are 4 and up, but even younger children can enjoy them if they’re given supervision. There are three types of bounce houses: inflatable slides, combo units that often include basketball hoops, and obstacle courses with slides and tunnels. You’ll want to make sure your rental company has different sizes available as well as different themes to match your party’s theme.

It’s always best to choose a company you can trust—that way you know they’ll be there when they say they will! YTE Events and Balloon Decor offers rentals of bounce houses and other party entertainment options that can be added onto your order. So whether it’s just a bounce house or something more elaborate (like an inflatable obstacle course), we’ve got you covered!

We offer a full day rental that includes set-up, take down, and as much kiddie fun as you can handle!

Our team is here to make your birthday party great for everyone!

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