Balloon Decor Gallery

Here are some of the most common pieces requested at the moment. It is almost entirely organic balloon garland or half-arch displays. It is very pretty and can be modified to almost any venue.

The most common classic decoration with balloons is the arch. There are many different types, colors and sizes. This is a collection of a few different things we’ve done in this category.

Almost as popular as the balloon arches, our columns are great for nearly any event. We can use them to replace an arch, to frame a doorway, or we can even theme them to your event.

When it comes to balloons, the options are limitless. We can make ANYTHING. This is just a small sample of the types of things that can be made from balloons for your event.

Balloon drops are super popular at weddings, corporate events, and especially around the New Year. We can make these customized drops of nearly any size and are happy to customize the colors as well.

Few things look better on stage than balloons. When we dress up the stage, it can really draw the attention of the crowd and help your entire event take on a new look.

Whether you’re looking for a photo backdrop or just a divider for different sections of your event, a balloon wall is a great addition.

Yard art is super great and can still be delivered contact-free if desired. Here are a few options and ideas to get you started.

Accent your table or event with balloon centerpieces to help draw attention around the room. With balloons, there are so many options that are classy and fun.

Though we are limited on availability of Helium at the moment, here are some great options for bouquets for your next event or gathering. They can be table top or placed on the floor around the room.

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Options for balloon decor are literally limitless. We have put together a few sample photos for each type of decor, along with a link to a more complete gallery for each section. So, if you want to see all the columns in our gallery, you would scroll down to columns, click on the link to the additional column gallery, and then peruse the photos until your heart’s content.

If you have something you would like to see us make that you’ve seen on another site, just let us know. It is possible we’ve already made one and not posted it. Either way, if it is made of a balloon, we can do it! We have the absolute best balloon artists as members of our team and we are happy to accept any challenge.

For a list of different types of balloon decor, descriptions, and links to more specific examples, you can also click here.

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