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Jonathan Fudge from YTE Events in front of Jungle Safari Entrance at GKTW Balloon Wonderland Jonathan Fudge

Owner and operator of YTE Events and balloon decor, Jonathan has been working with balloons since he was 8 years old. Now spending the majority of his time mentoring other artists and entertainers, Jonathan enjoys sharing his passion for learning and uses his knowledge and experience to make sure all of our clients and staff have the best experience possible.

When he is not performing, he is spending time with his family, learning something new, or just out enjoying the world.

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Jonathan Fudge

Specializing in amazing and advanced balloon manipulation, Jonathan ha been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, has been on David Letterman, and was on Season 10 of America’s Got Talent. He has also traveled the globe with his balloon skills and has performed in China, Belgium, Japan, Africa, and all over the United States.

Considered a master artist when it comes to both balloon twisting and balloon decorations, Jonathan spends much of his time throughout the year mentoring others in the field and is routinely asked to speak at industry level conventions for his expertise in the field.

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Hello I’m Tina, I’m born and raised Clearwater FL and have been in Florida my whole life except for the 6 years I lived in New York. I’ve worked with YTE for 7 years, I mainly do balloon art but I’ve recently begun to do facepainting and I occasionally do events as princess characters. Everyone always asks “how did you get started in this business?” Haha long story but basically I just enjoy learning new things and one day I was at a cafe and I saw someone had made a really impressive balloon flamingo and I thought to myself, wow, I would like to learn how to do this. So that was kind of in the back of my mind for a while, and at that time I was going to a Korean church in Tampa and in the summer of 2015 I went on a mission trip to Haiti. And like… I wanted to do something more than sing songs in creole and make sandwiches (what I really wanted to do was help build a water system or something like that but that’s not what our team was equipped for)… so I thought of bringing gifts for the kids in Haiti but I was poor and was only allowed to bring one suitcase so I was quite limited. That’s when the idea sprung on me to make balloon animals because all you need is a couple bags of balloons and a pump and that really goes a long way. So, I watched a few tutorials on YouTube, learned how to make a few simple things, and since then I’ve just continued to learn and improve. Then one day, I was at my day job as a substitute teacher and I used to do this thing I called “STEM trivia” basically I wrote a question on the board, sometimes it was a math problem or sometimes it was a question that came out of their assigned reading, and if a student got it correct then I would reward them by making a balloon animal for them. The kids loved it, you wouldn’t believe how competitive these teenagers would get over a math problem. Anyways, this was Fall 2015 and one day one of the math teachers came in and asked me if I was the one making these balloons, at first I thought he was going to yell at me, haha, but it actually turned out that he and his girlfriend also were balloon artists and they worked for YTE. So he introduced me to Jonathan Fudge and it has been a beautiful friendship ever since
I think my favorite thing about the job, like Eddie said, is the people I work with. I’ve made a lot of (what I hope to be) lifelong friends and I like that we are part of this small community of balloon artists and entertainers, where everyone knows each other and I think for the most part we tend to be very supportive of one another. I always have more fun when I’m working with fellow entertainers, it’s especially fun when I work with someone who has a very big and colorful personality! A lot of our people are like that. I like to feed off their energy and laugh with them. But I’m also just as comfortable working alone which is most of the time. I also really like that it’s a very flexible job, which allows me to continue going to school (I’m studying engineering at USF). Though I don’t get to do it as often, I think my favorite thing to do is to perform as a princes character, because for that one or two hours I get to feel kind of like a celebrity. Everyone wants to take a photo with me, everyone is so nice to me, and the kids get so excited and they just love on me and it’s the best.
Eddie Caricature Artist Tampa Florida
My name is Eddie from St Pete Florida. I have been a professional caricature artist and illustrator since 1996 and have been providing both traditional (markers) and digital (iPad) Caricature entertainment for YTE for the past six years. I am known as one of the fastest caricature artists in this state. My absolute favorite part of working for YTE is being exposed to such an incredible variety of top notch talent. From epic balloon artists to jugglers, face-painters and even a host of superheroes… Spider-Man’s man fav. I mean how cool is that? I sometimes get to work with Spider-Man! For me, as an artist, it’s a dream to be surrounded by so much professional level creativity. This type of exposure to artistic talent over the almost 30 years of working as a professional artist has led to some existing work opportunities. I recently wrote and produced a feature length horror film called Crepitus starring horror icon Bill Mosley. This film had a limited theatrical release, was distributed by LionsGate/Indican and won best feature film at Orlando’s Spooky Empire horror film festival.