Find Out Where Land O Lakes Florida is and How to Get There

You’ve heard that the grass is greener on the other side. But is your new home across town or out of town? Where? What are the best places to live and raise a family? That’s up to you! Whether you’re just looking for a new place to call home, or you’re ready to move to a new community with plenty of friendly people and great schools, there is a lot you should know before making the leap. Do your research so you can find the right location for your family and lifestyle. To help with your search we have compiled a list of questions you might have about finding an ideal place to settle down. Keep reading if you want information about where Land O Lakes Florida is located, how much it costs to live there, what type of housing options are available, and more!

Where is Land O Lakes Florida?

Land O Lakes is an unincorporated community in Hillsborough County, Florida, located just north of Tampa. The community has a population of nearly 50,000 people. The town’s name stems from the many lakes and creeks near the town. The town was settled by John Land, who purchased the land in 1847. Land O Lakes is located between the cities of Tampa and New Tampa. The best way to find out where Land O Lakes Florida is would be to take a look at a map. You can also visit Ever My Life’s website to get more information. The website allows you to input your zip code and see information about the surrounding community, such as the local school district and community activities.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Land O Lakes Florida?

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when finding the best place to live is how much you can afford to live in that new place. This will help you figure out what kind of housing options are right for you. Before we get into that, first take a look at the median home price in Land O Lakes Florida to get an idea of what to expect. The median price in 2018 was $255,000, which is well above the national average of $213,000. That being said, prices can vary significantly based on location. Because housing prices are so high in Land O Lakes Florida, you’ll also find that the cost of living in this area is also on the high end. The cost of living in Tampa is slightly higher than the national average, and the cost of living in Land O Lakes is significantly higher than the rest of the area. If you want to live in a cheaper area, you can always consider moving to the nearby cities of New Tampa, Clearwater, or St. Petersburg.

What Type of Housing Options are Available in Land O Lakes Florida?

When you’re finding the best place to live, it’s also important to think about what kind of housing options you’ll have in your new community. After all, this can make all the difference when it comes to pricing out your monthly budget, as well as what kind of lifestyle you can have in the area. There are a variety of housing options available in Land O Lakes Florida. Some of the most popular ones include single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, and apartments. If you’re looking for a single-family home, you’ll want to keep in mind that many areas in Land O Lakes Florida fall into the lower price range. This allows you to find a great deal on a home that is a little smaller than you’re used to. If you want something a little bigger, you can always consider a nearby community like New Tampa, St. Petersburg, or Clearwater. When it comes to condominiums, you’ll find that many of these are located in or near the waterfront areas. These areas often have beautiful views of the water, as well as amenities like swimming pools and tennis courts. If you’re looking for a townhome, this is a great option as well. Townhomes are often located near other townhomes, giving you more space without having to pay the extra price of a single-family home.

Things to Consider When Moving to Land O Lakes Florida

One last thing you’ll need to think about while trying to find the best place to move is what to expect when you move to a new location. This can make all the difference when it comes to your quality of life. Keep in mind that you’ll need to find a new job, as well as learn how to navigate a new community and all the new social norms that come along with that. If you’re stressed about all of these things, you may want to consider moving to a more affordable area. After you’ve chosen a place to call home, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for all the new changes. Make sure you have all your documents ready to go, including your driver’s license, a copy of your vehicle registration, and any important paperwork from your old job. You’ll also want to make sure your new home is ready for you. This means having all the essential household items, like a bed, stove, refrigerator, and more, and making sure your utilities are up and running. Learn more


Many people dream of settling down in a rural setting, surrounded by nature and fresh air. This is often the case in places like rural Florida. If you’re looking for a close-to-nature lifestyle in a rural setting, you may want to consider moving to Land O Lakes Florida. From the affordability of living in the area to the diversity of housing options, this is a great place to call home. More