Balloon arch design patterns come in all types of styles. This is a list of 3 color balloon arch patterns and it covers some of the most common patterns available for classic decor. You can often have these match their counterpart by having a balloon column with 3 colors that mimics the same pattern.

A. Quick Spiral – This is the most common balloon arch for 3 color arches. We would pick a single color and then alternate the two other colors around it. This is a very balanced look and great for many applications. The spiral balloon arch 3 colors spiral is probably the most common request listed here.

B. Quick/Slow Spiral – This combines the pattern of the quick spiral and the slow spiral together. It is a different look than the standard quick spiral and adds to the variety of designs.

C. Dotted Quick Spiral – This is a pattern that looks great, but give a more fun and playful look. It is a two color quick spiral, except one of the spirals will alternate back and forth between the 2nd and 3rd color in the  pattern.

D. Color Stacking – Though color stacking can technically refer to any arrangement of colors, this is a very clean, simple arch pattern that many clients choose when planning their event.

E. Extended Color Stacking – Similar to the previous arch, this utilizes extended portions of the arch to stack the same colors in larger clusters. This looks extremely good on larger arches.

F. Zig-Zag High/Low – This pattern is really pretty and uses one color on the inside of the arch and another on the outside of the arch. Between sections is a zig-zag line pattern as well.

G. Diamond Pattern – This pattern is another one of the unique patterns we are able to create when making a 3 color arch.

H. Dotted Line –  The simplicity of this arch is phenomenal. The pattern is playful and fun for any party or event.

I. Zig-Zag Line – Great for playful themed balloon decor, this can be fun and excited as it brings movement and color into the design.

J. Quick/Slow Arrow – This is the same arch as the quick/slow arch above, but we have assembled the pattern so that there is a natural arrow in the center of the arch pointing through the walkway.

K. Quick Spiral Dotted Line – This is the opposite of the dotted line arch. It maintains a simple dotted line, but then has that overlaid on top of a double quick spiral arch.

L. Arrow Pattern – One of my favorite, this arch is unique to other patterns in the list and is a great way to point the way to guests arriving at the event.

M. Pseudo-Organic Pattern – When you want a 3 color balloon garland that doesn’t fit any of the patterns here, the pseudo-organic is a great way to go. It is a classic balloon arch, but has a random placement of colors throughout the garland.

For more information on arches, you can visit our arch page. Otherwise, dive a little deeper with our next blog on arches.

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